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    Massey Ferguson 30 Drill or similar required for new farmer starting out

    There is two advertised on farm to farm Web site and one on shawn vanden boss Web site hope that helps.
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    Spraying - low pressure

    Got a set idkt 04 last autumn spray all at 200lt seam to do a good job. Autum sprays were better than previous defy 3 s.
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    Lifting pH without lime?

    Is it that red soil a lot of it in scotland. Some farms can grow barley right up to the fell side not sure on the terminology with fell side . Great to see when I have been up north.
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    Lifting pH without lime?

    Just think if you could plough that soil into top 6 ins make good land grazing or what ever.
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    Lifting pH without lime?

    Availability of lime in lots of areas will be planning permission to query lime. Just another note concrete in my area is based on limestone this type of concrete when in silage pits and cattle yards it all disolved down the same and leaves a good level surface. A silage pit with flints in the...
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    Nitrogen 3rd pass

    Used urea because we can get deluged of rain in the spring and on lighting soil over gravel . I was fortunate it raind just after I put the urea on . In 2015 we got 60ins of rain.
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    Nitrogen 3rd pass

    Agronomist recomended putting cogent adjuvant with cintac as it helped it to be kinder on the crop.
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    Nitrogen 3rd pass

    50 kg per acre 15 Feb 7 March 6april urea 50 kg 34.5 30th April don't think l will be going again . Don't like it to look hungry when things start to grow first few days of April started to look good until late frost came some had cintac 1st April but after frosts can't really see diference of...
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    Andrew Blenkiron

    A banti
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    Will we be ploughing for re seeding in the future?

    The season in the area where I am does not lend it's self to cover cropping to short a window from harvest to getting ww or wb in some times when we or if we get usual weather . Late sept or oct it can justake set on and rain.
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    Will we be ploughing for re seeding in the future?

    I would say there is a he'll of a lot to learn more proper rsearch needed may be in years the secrets of plant and soil interrelations will be unlocked or just a pipe dream?
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    Cake Price Tracker

    Could be a shortage of soya in usa keep an eye on it also maize in usa is going that way. Just spoke to grain traders in uk thinks feed wheet could hit 190 at harvest off the combine . Not trying to deposit livestock men been there in the past used to milk cows once . Just keep an eye on best...
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    State of your crops?

    Early days what is the harvest wheat price thoughts, what Web site best to follow . Whole crop men looking for prices?
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    Horsch Twinter Drill

    If the coulter preasure is halved won't it vibrate in the soil more there for less likely to block the seed pipe ? What do you guys think . I am using a kvernland ts and the tines vibrate considerably I think it helps to keep tubes clear.
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    Spraying silicone on crops

    No it is diferent what I have been told, I think most is potasium silicate.
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    Cheap 4wd Tractor

    Mf3125 maybe to much money ?one or two for sale.
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    The squeeze on milk and meat continues...

    There could be even more green house gasses produced with this type of food production I use the words food production with scepticism. Would you like to look up what Allan Savery has done in arid parts of the world on you tube I first learned about him from groundswell.
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    The squeeze on milk and meat continues...

    Allan Savery was at groundswell the other year has learnt to do marvelous with poor dry land . If you go on you tub you will find some great video, really they should be showno in all schools .When they have killed of livestock farming the penny will drop at least I hope so farming is the least...
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    State of your crops?

    Growing parkin as trial before sowing more never grown grafton.