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    Bolusing dairy beef stirks

    Looking for a bit of advice regarding bolusing first time grazing dairy xbeef calves. I will be putting around 150 of these stirks to grass in next few weeks. They have been on farm since November and will be c220/300 kg going out. My breeding stock are regularly blood testing low in selenium...
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    Waterproof winter jacket recommendations

    Looking for thoughts on a new jacket. Don’t want a smock as I wear kiwiikit bib and brace. What’s best/best value? Beta craft,kiwi kit,ridge line, Stoney Creek ect like the look of the Stoney creek tempest jacket at the moment. Just need to convince myself that it’s worth the£
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    Scotgov loans

    Just went onto online banking to see if last load of lambs had been paid yesterday. Nearly s..t myself. OD was at a respectable level. Closer inspection reveals scotgov has paid out BPS loans overnight. Anyone else had same fright. ? Well done for getting it out early, but almost too early...
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    Storms east coast scotland

    Spectacular lightning last night here in the borders. Probably wildest I ‘ve ever seen . Thankfully missed the rain. How’s everyone else on the east? @Hilly @Woolless @melted welly @Chae1 ect
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    Vredo direct drill

    Anyone any experience of these drills for drilling brassicas into burnt down grassland and redrilling grass ? Don’t know of any in this part of the world so no experience at all
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    Another bad fire

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    Tractor breakers

    Any recommendations for a good tractor breaker selling spares? Needing a couple of bits for a 30 series JD
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    Left over stubble turnips

    Going to have about 2 acres of stubble turnips left when ewes go to lambing parks. Was thinking of turning a dozen bulling heifers onto them but worried they may choke on the bulbs. They are small tennis ball size. Plenty of good green growth but don’t want any unnecessary hassle during lambing...
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    Quad bike tyres

    Anyone got any advice on how to change quad tyres. Just got a bead breaker and tyre levers . No fancy tools. TIA
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    O’Brien electric fence kit vs Gallagher

    Went to buy some new electric fence kit yesterday, had my mind set on Gallagher after having had enough of Rutland stuff. Supplier told me Gallagher stuff far too dear now and not value for money. They are now stocking O’Brien kit also from NZ. Looked well made and decent value. 400m 3 strand...
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    Love Calcutta

    :whistle::whistle::whistle::whistle::whistle:not sure where to post but roll on Calcutta Didn’t see that coming Scots wha hae
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    Telehandler mounted post drivers

    looking for a steer as to the above. Had a look at a couple at the highland show this year . I thought they looked reasonable value for money for a farm machine . No thrills easy to attach and detach. I am just looking for a simple machine to knock in a few gate posts and the odd line of...
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    Honda quad suspension

    looking for a bit of advice. Going to change my honda 420 quad. Dealer has a very smart 2 year old bike that has come off a caravan site , so done little or no work and in cracking condition. Unfortunately it has a fixed rear axle rather than independent suspension. Bike is right handy money...
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    Broadcasting brassica seed

    Any tips re broadcasting stubble turnip/kale seed welcome. Got land ploughed an power harrowed had good amount of rain . Now ready to seed. Never broadcast before. How wide will seed spread ? Should I Harrow in before rolling? ect Thanks in advance
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    Most challenging year ever?

    12 months ago this week I made 1st cut silage , got really good cut and cracking quality, then it pretty much rained constantly until late November. 22nd November we had 4" snow and then it kept coming top fields were white all winter, probably had 6 4"+ snow falls. End of February brought the...
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    Not due to start lambing until next week but over the weekend I have had 4 homebred gimmers/shearlings put their water bag out. Show no sign of lambing and stand eating. When I put my hand inside no lambs presenting but lots of membrane/gunk. Have a feel about and can get the lambs out but too...
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    Farm Tractors: John Deere - John Deere 6330

    Farm Tractors: John Deere - John Deere 6330 Category: Farm Tractors Manufacturer: John Deere Price: Price on application Condition: Used Description: John Deere 6330 Premium tractor for sale 07 plate 5170 genuine hours. This is a genuine tractor that I have owned from...
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    Ewe lambs from ewe lambs

    Seem to remember few weeks back someone saying on a thread that they would never keep the the ewe lamb from a ewe lamb for breeding. I have done this for years with no obvious problem. Got a good draft of ewe lambs from some cheviot ewe lambs that will make good ewes, and I can't see any reason...
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    Temp electric fencing

    Thinking about starting to set up paddock grazing system. Looking for tips about the best reel and posts for this. Rutland or Gallagher. Probably going to need 3/4 sets of reels to start paddocks. What are easiest to erect / dismantle?