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    John Deere 6115r front linkage wanted

    Anyone selling a new or used front linkage that would fit my JD 6115r?
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    John Deere 615r or 616r header

    Anyone know of a used header with the above sizes? Needing a smaller one due to ground conditions. Seem hard to find
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    John Deere 615r or 616r header

    Anyone selling the above? Seem to be hard to find? Needing a smaller header do to ground conditions. Any help would be appreciated
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    Crop sprayer wanted Scotland

    Hi I’m looking for a sprayer no bigger than 18m booms. Must have passed test and no faults. Hydraulic folding booms. Not silly money. Scotland please
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    John Deere 6140r wanted

    Anyone selling a JD 6140r before I try the dealers?
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    Looking for Fermec 860, NH95 backhoe

    Hi I’m looking for advice on these models of backhoes. What are these like for farm work, ditching, digging etc? A lot cheaper than JCB3CX! Anybody selling?
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    John Deere 6620 premium wanted

    Anyone selling a clean 6620 premium. Year 05 upwards if possible. Must be in good condition
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    Farm wanted Scotland all areas considered

    Hi folks We are looking for a productive farm minimum 500 acres to buy. Scotland all areas considered. Ideally suitable for half arable half cattle. Not a lot on the market at the moment so any help would be greatly appreciated or knowledge of farms coming on the market. Thanks
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    Wanted 3m power harrow. Kuhn or KV

    Hi Folks Looking for a 3m power harrow. Preferably in Scotland but not essential. PM what you have
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    Kuhn 3m Power Harrow

    Anyone selling a 3m Kuhn power Harrow pvt me please. Combination drill a possible option too preferably Kuhn or Accord. Pvt me
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    Hilux or Ranger pick up

    Hi folks Anyone selling a hilux or new shape Ford ranger at reasonable money before I try the dealers? Automatic ideally and no rust. Decent condition minimum. Pvt me please
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    Albutt 7ft or 7ft6 bucket in stock

    Does anyone have one of the above buckets in stock and ready to go? Ideally with pin and cone brackets. Just a general purpose bucket. Message me what you have folks. Thank you
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    Round baler

    Hi folks Any advice on second hand round balers. I’m looking for a second hand one that will do silage and straw. McHale gets good reviews I can see. Are the John Deere ones no use in straw?
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    KRM fertiliser spreaders

    I put a post on about looking for a Kuhn fertiliser spreader but what are KRM bogballe like? Needing something that’s easy to calibrate and reliable. Any advice greatly appreciated
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    Kuhn Fertiliser Spreader

    Anyone selling a clean Kuhn Fertiliser spreader before I try dealers?
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    John Deere 6140r

    Hi folks We are looking at replacing our JD6620 which has been a good servant. What are the 6140r like and in particular on fuel? Probably looking at 14plate maximum. Some for sale online with and without loaders.
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    Vaderstaad 300C drill

    What are these machine like to operate? Are they hard to set up etc? I’ve an Accord DC drill on a JD6620 and looking at upgrading to a machine that will also do both seed and fert. Any advice greatly appreciated
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    Fraser bruiser hopper

    Hi folks Does anyone have the frame and hopper for a Fraser bruiser they may be looking to move on?
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    Fraser Hopper for bruiser

    Anyone in Scotland have a Fraser hopper to fit a Fraser bruiser? Scotland preferred for haulage
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    John Deere 855d gator with doors

    Hi all Anyone selling the above before I try the dealers? Must have complete cab and in good condition