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    ground wanted to rent in herefordshire

    quick payment. grass or stubble dont mind.
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    Wanted Weaned Bull Calves

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    Wanted Weaned Bull Calves

    Got any photos ?
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    Wanted Weaned Bull Calves

    How much u wanting ?
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    Wanted Weaned Bull Calves

    What weight ?
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    Wanted muck Spreader.

    Wanted muck spreader. Side or rear discharge. 5k Budget. Closer to Herefordshire the better.
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    New to Diet Feeding

    Hiya Bit New To diet feeding and just wondering what people are putting in their diet feeder for growing beef cattle.
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    Wanted Weaned Bull Calves

    beef ideally but dont mind
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    Wanted Weaned Bull Calves

    Wanted Charolais, Limousines, Aberdeen Angus, Herefords Bulls roughly 4-5 months old Dont Mind Crosses.
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    Checking a Tractor Before Buying.

    looking at a john deere in a auction that looks really has all new btk tyres but i want to know what other people look for when buying a tractor.
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    Ad plant.

    Looking into ad plants. And wondering what size I would need to feed 30 ton a day to it. Feeding Maize silage Grass silage and beet. Rough price on it. And how much digestate it would produce a day. how much It would make roughly.
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    Amazone spreader disc speed

    On the app it says I have to spin the discs at 720 rpm. Do I have to do it at 720 pto or am I wrong ?
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    Zam Special 1500

    In the app it says disc speed should be 720
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    Zam Special 1500

    also what pto speed do i have to run ?
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    Zam Special 1500

    When setting the disc veins am I looking at the inside of the veins for the number or the outside ? If u get what I’m saying
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    Zam Special 1500

    Anyone got an idea of the disc I have and the spreading charts for nitram.
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    Whole crop bales

    When u harvesting that ?
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    Whole crop bales

    Does anybody have any information on like when it needs to be planted. What Crops. Rough analysis on it. Rough cost. Rough yields in spring and winter crops. And don’t want to be told about rats over and over again.
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    Wanted John Deere 2130,1630,3130

    Pictures would be good.