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  1. WillB


    Done as I think I have just sprayed out a small patch. Never seen before.
  2. WillB

    New Holland Tractors

    The extension pipe for a grease gun screws in perfectly. Drill a hole on the air brake cover and find a female/female adaptor and the male nipple will screw straight in. We had an axle bearing go on a 260. The advice from the dealer was to ignore the book at give it a pump, now and again. They...
  3. WillB

    State of your crops?

    The winter barley/spring wheat experiment will be confusing the neighbours. This time last week it was winter barley. This week it is spring wheat.
  4. WillB

    Is there a app for marking stuff in fields

    I drop a pin on Google Earth. It is accurate to a couple of metres or so. You need to be logged into a Google account, but can then see the pins on your desktop and other devices too.
  5. WillB

    State of your crops?

    The spring wheat/winter barley companion trial is starting to look a little less terrible. Never seen spring wheat ears so big and they might even be ripe at the same time!
  6. WillB

    Autumn manure banned

    Will this still apply following your latest intel?
  7. WillB

    Next door farm for sale. What to do??

    What did said agent have to say for himself at that stage? Bloody shambles.
  8. WillB

    State of your crops?

    Ours was sown 18th Sept after Beans. Benefit of hindsight etc.
  9. WillB

    What Size Grain Drier?

    Were just putting in a 24t automated Mecmar with underground trench loading conveyor and overhead conveyors into an existing and new store. New store will have a wet grain partition. This is to serve a similar set up/combine to yours. We were advised that the next size of Mecmars up need a lot...
  10. WillB

    Buying land with AHA 1986 tenancy in place

    Not quite true. You can succeed to a small part of land and any number of tenancies - you have to demonstrate that your livelihood (to a material extent) is derived from the agricultural unit of which the holding (that tenancy) forms part. The agricultural unit can be made up of many individual...
  11. WillB

    Tx 65 vs class 430 tucano

    You could keep hold of the NH for 10 years by which point you have a 30 + yr old machine. Based on the spec it sounds good. I think you have already made your mind up in any event ....:).
  12. WillB

    State of your crops?

    We have one field drilled around the 23rd and it looks well. The majority was drilled about a week later on some heavy ground and never recovered from the 3 inches of rain that fell on it straight after. It only goes to demonstrate that WB needs to go in tidily and why on our heavy ground we...
  13. WillB

    Tx 65 vs class 430 tucano

    Just check the spec on the claas as you may be disappointed coming from a TX65. Does it have things like APS, 3D sieves, vario header etc? You may be moving to a newer machine but probably little between them in terms of output and tech if the Toucano has not had the option list ticked, as they...
  14. WillB

    THWhite buy Murley

    Do you think they might continue northwards....?
  15. WillB

    Stubble to stubble rates

    No it is a rent with an annual review mechanism.
  16. WillB

    Stubble to stubble rates

    In hindsight, I should have said cost to change. Our kit has not depreciated but the cost to change is still eye watering.
  17. WillB

    New toy day

    I'm lost without mine too, but my Wave is the least favourite. I have an original which is my first choice, then a Rebar. I wish they still made the original as I will inevitably lose it one day...
  18. WillB

    Stubble to stubble rates

    I suppose so - we could probably afford to keep everything but kit depreciates with age whether it is being used or not and in the meantime things have moved on.... Thank you - I thought so. I have not ever been involved in a s-s agreement but expect that the 'contractor' is doing quite a bit...
  19. WillB

    Stubble to stubble rates

    Just to be clear these rates are £140/acre plus a share of final profit or all in? Personally I would be very wary about putting half of my farm down to fallow etc and reducing staff/kit as I would be very nervous as to how long we would be paid to do so. The figures surrounding the new ELMS...
  20. WillB

    Speed sensor from TM NH to calibrator zurf on a bogballe.

    You might just but a bit of something plastic between the shaft and the magnet to give a snug/tight fit.