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  1. ZXR17

    Fibrophos v Sewage sludge

    Which is the best for raising phosphate indices ? I use both but Sewage sludge is becoming a real pain with damage caused to tracks and fields when tipped in wet conditions . There is also the smell issues when spread and also the not so beneficial ' extras ' that come with it .
  2. ZXR17

    Your current weather.

    Sunny spells and blowing an absolute hooley . The sea looks pretty angry this morning , I wouldn't want to be out there today .
  3. ZXR17

    Youshiko weather stations

    How's the weather station performing @Brisel , are you happy with it .
  4. ZXR17

    Maize drilling 2021

    Ours has been in three and a half weeks and has only approx 30 mm shoots on it so no where near emerging . If you can get drilled soon it won't be that far behind . Hopefully it might have warmed up by then .
  5. ZXR17

    Who's worried about the lack of rain?

    :D It's usually Devon that gets it instead of us . Weather forecast now looking unsettled this coming week so glad T1's have just been applied .
  6. ZXR17

    Who's worried about the lack of rain?

    Was getting pretty desperate for rain but had 25mm yesterday . Should get everything moving again now .
  7. ZXR17

    Swallows 2021

    Ist ones here 2 days ago diving in front of the sprayer boom as I applied final dose of liquid fert on the osr , lovely sight .
  8. ZXR17


    Kerb and Centurian Max are about the only two herbicides that work here . Otherwise it's spot spraying and weeks of hand rogueing .
  9. ZXR17

    Changing make of tractor a person sells

    If he's a crap salesman he does . If he's a good salesman he will point out the benefits of his new colour without slagging off his old brand .
  10. ZXR17

    Spring linseed advice please.

    What seed rate is recommended now .
  11. ZXR17

    Your current weather.

    Heavy showers and very windy .
  12. ZXR17

    How to mole & keep fields level in no-till?

    I know that the ideal moling conditions are dry on top and through some of the profile to allow for shatter and damp enough at depth to allow the mole to form but would moling now on a frost work ? The ground is pretty wet with surface water every time it rains . I am concerned that the leg will...
  13. ZXR17

    Countryfile tonight

    Interesting piece on the history of wheat tonight showing films and photos of oats and barley :scratchhead::scratchhead:
  14. ZXR17

    Grazing osr with sheep

    What would you think about in lamb ewes ? I'm not a sheep man , unless there on a plate with mint sauce , and the shepherd who's sheep I could use hasn't any experience of grazing osr .
  15. ZXR17

    Grazing osr with sheep

    I have some osr which is pretty forward , unlike last years disaster , which we are debating whether to knock back to allow better Astra Kerb coverage . It is unlikely to get opened up by cold weather here so wondered about lightly grazing it with sheep . How many sheep per ha ? Is it best to...
  16. ZXR17

    Guess the parts price thread ?

    Close , keep going up .
  17. ZXR17

    Guess the parts price thread ?

    Quote was for brand new , complete unit to bolt in including casting . Something had come undone resulting in damaged gears and bearing causing damage to casting as well . You're still miles out with the quote .
  18. ZXR17

    Guess the parts price thread ?

    Keep going up , a lot !!
  19. ZXR17

    Guess the parts price thread ?

    New gearbox for NH T7210 auto command