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    Howard rotovator

    Hi. Has anyone a PTO shaft off a 8ft howard rotovator lying about they'd like to sell?
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    Antibiotic courses dairy, beef and sheep are there any?

    Vet wanted me to do milk sure. Found online course with lantra for dairy and presumed it covered all the others. Only to ask the question to get told it doesn't they have all different courses. So infact i have to do 3 courses to cover the lot. Am the only one to have this issue or is there a...
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    Red tractor consultation on standards

    Firstly aplolgies. I've tried to go through the red tractor thread on the other section but it just looks like it relates to arable. What do people think of the new standards trying to be imposed? Fair or going over the top? With all the data they are trying to get why aren't they setting up...
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    Vets and TB testing

    Sadly we had a reactor 2 3 months ago. That when killed tested negative. We have just started our second test today. The vet come by themselves and have yet again slowed the parlour down to a snail pace. Have just gone in for dinner and i don't think we'll be finished before milking if they...
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    Training young people in the industry

    I'll keep it short. Had a trainee for 2 years and apparently she's upto level 2 in agriculture. But apparently according to the college is not upto doing a level 3. But they are emailing her wanting her to come in on fridays to do management assignments. Un beknown to me if they are level 2 they...
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    NZ flying in meat!!

    Christchurch AirportLike Page 12 hrs · It was great to welcome Emirates yesterday! This 777 took tonnes of South Island chilled meat to 15 cities across the globe. It’s the first of a series of flights taking high-value export cargo from our place to plates in London, Frankfurt, Istanbul...
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    What does a sustainable dairy farm of the future look like?

    With all the dairy processors jumping on the carbon neutral bandwagon. What system do people feel will come out on top on the carbon audits? Is there really a future for organic if these dairy systems on conventional going to out compete or match organic on these systems. Thus surely eroding the...
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    land lord house improvements

    We have a house empty on a AHA, which did house a workman and i don't think im going to attract a working with the house the way it is. Land lord won't touch for repairs and also claimed we haven't looked after it. Needed about 50K spent on it in the beginning and wanting it back. Then when we...
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    gold cup metcalfe farms

    Hi have they published their costing like last years winners. just interested to compare.
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    livestock farm wanting a direct drill or should i just stick to getting a guttler

    Sorry so many threads on this my head is spinning abit. had a grassland bloke the other week on about us getting a wox guttler to thicken up pastures and reseed the new reseeds. but with this carbon neutral milk arla are banging on about. would it be better to get a t-sem drill, moore unidrill...
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    fullwood parlour feeders

    We've put in fullwood parlour feeders last year. Been working perfectly over the summer. But during the winter they have started to clog up in the feed shuts and back filling eventually breaking the feeders or blowing the fuses. My warranty going to run out soon and it doesnt really look like...
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    training people to milk and how do you renumerate them?

    Had a non farming person come in and help milk for a day. Gave a brief explanation of things and preping and putting on cups. He was surprised how technical the work was and said he quite enjoyed it. The problem ive got is ive already got a trainee who i think will be with me for another year...
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    eatlean cheese

    gf just come back from lidls with a leaflet. they are advertising eat lean on cheese on it. is this a joseph heler product becauce i see it comes from nantwich area.
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    infrared heaters in parlour

    as title really maybe getting abit soft in my old age. But are they any good just want them to heat me rather than anything else and if so what should i be using?
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    Grassland advisors

    Are they worth the money and would i see a improvement with my grassland management? For the last 3 years we've struggled to properly utilise the grass we've grown low stocking rates and didn't really need to get into the nitty gritty of managing the fields. This year we've stocked heavier and...
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    Fullwood Crystal feeding

    Had parlour feeders put in. But I just put manual feed settings in to start. How do I switch o n feed to yield. The feed curve and feefeed to yield settings aren't in good and I can't click on them. Is there anyway of doing it without the engineer coming here. I did think they'd have turned up...
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    Adjustable brisket rail for fullwood parlour

    Is Anybody on here looking for a adjustable brisket rail for a fullwood parlour? Got a 18/36 being pulled out next week. Give us a shout. Seems a shame to cut it up. Pulled the antennas off for the parlour feeders. Going to feed to yield. Nothing wrong with tbh. Haven't got the rams for it in...
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    Rain guns on slurry tankers

    Talking to the milk tanker driver the other night. He said a big producer of milk got stopped by the environment agency. From spreading slurry off a public road onto fields with the rain gun. Stating it was against the law. Think they only investigated because somebody local reported him. Is...
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    Scrapper tractor, atv or rtv

    Been wanting an ATV to go fencing with a rappa fencing machine. Looked at the price new and secondhand. Rtvs look horrendous money for what they are. Then thought why not a small 40 HP tractor. Which could scrap out in winter and even maybe bed down with a dispenser. Then put a link box maybe...
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    Clamping big baled silage

    Has anybody ever big baled silage at 35 days and stacked it in a clamp as you would normal silage? Just wondering would it work and is it a cheaper option than round baling. Without the plastic of course.