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    Is there a app for marking stuff in fields

    Looking for a quick app for marking things like wild oats in fields. Any one using anything decent on a phone? cheers john
  2. J

    Rtk base station license

    Anyone know what license I need from ofcom for a rtk base station? Seems a lot of options on the website. cheers john
  3. J

    GPS anyway to tell if it’s stolen

    Looking at a used receiver on eBay, would there be anyway to see if it’s stolen?
  4. J

    Topcon rtk receiver

    Just seeing if there is anyone with a used topcon rtk receiver for sale.
  5. J

    Automatic clay pigeon trap

    Anyone got a auto clay pigeon trap sitting in the barn that they don’t use? My 12 year old has started shooting and is mad keen. cheers john
  6. J

    Wanted lister grain fan

    Looking for lister fan or a good engine for one. anyone know of anything? cheers john
  7. J

    Kuhn axis 30.1 gearbox oil spec

    Anyone know what spec the oil is in the gearbox? Kuhn won’t tell me and want £130 for 7lts cheers
  8. J

    Jcb fastrac 1135 mudguards

    Anyone know where I could get front and rear near side mudguards from? Used preferred. Thanks
  9. J

    Automatic grain stirrer gantry

    Can anyone recommend a automatic stirrer system for a on floor store. Cheers
  10. J

    Small electric forklift wheel

    Anyone know where to get a new tyre? Cheers
  11. J

    JCB 4220 wide floatation tyres

    Looking for a set of wide floatation tyres for jcb 4220. Cheers john
  12. J

    Lidl plasma cutter for £80

    Brought one last week, it’s really good. Only had a little play with it but cut some 10mm effortlessly, have brought a few tools from Lidl and they have all been good.
  13. J

    Dowdeswell skimmer stem

    Hello looking for one or two of these. Anyone got any kicking about. Cheers
  14. J

    Planting spring wheat with ergot in it

    Going to be planting spring wheat off the heap. It’s got some ergot in it should I get it cleaned or nothing to worry about? Only the second year we have grown it so no idea. cheers
  15. J

    Grain color sorter

    Is there or has anyone got a small Color sorter for on farm use as oppose to going to cam grain or someone similar? Wondering if they are available.
  16. J

    Tine drill

    Looking for a tine drill, something like Kuhn, weavering or Kverneland. to buy or hire
  17. J

    Fitting blue lights to sprayer boom

    Are they best in front, behind or inline with the nozzles? Cheers
  18. J

    What sort of valve is this

    Anyone know what this is? It’s leaking a bit. It’s on a simba cultipress
  19. J

    Photon nightvision scope

    Selling one of my mk1 photons with doubler. £300. I have 3 of these they are brilliant for the money I have one on my 22.250 and hmr, with extra ir torch I can see further than I can shoot
  20. J

    Front mounted flail topper

    Looking for a front rear flail topper. Close to Cambridge please