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    Fusion oil supply

    Hi all, what would be the necessary oil flow to make a fusion work and will they work ok on a tractor with open centre hydraulics? Would 140hp be able enough on one? Cheers
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    Slurry separation

    Having just followed a trailer load of solids along the the road that were to be tipped in a field gateway it got me wondering what exactly the point of slurry separation is? It seems to me to just create yet another product to be handled and involves yet more machinery (separation unit, pumps...
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    Backhoe replacement

    Hi all currently running an ageing Jcb 3cx for farm use and might soon be in the market for an upgrade, main duties include filling feed wagon from clamp, stacking bales and unloading lorries (pallets, fertiliser etc) loading several thousand tons of dung and some occasional digging I realise...
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    Milk recording

    The recording staff are professional, cheerful and helpful, the information gleaned from the recording is in the main useful but.......... I can’t help a sense of foreboding as recording day approaches! Maybe it’s the thought of not being able to be on my own in an antisocial grump during...
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    Slim pickings!

    Milk price ain’t very exciting unless you have an aligned contact or are with Arla, costs of inputs seem to be rising by the day (feed, fert, consumables, silage wrap, machinery, building supplies etc) and it seems that we are being lined up to pretty soon take a hammering in the climate change...
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    Calf cart

    Anyone using a calf cart for moving young calves about and have an opinion on them? Seems to be a few on the market some more pricey than others. Currently just walk calf’s from calving shed to calf house but looking to make the task somewhat easier, thought the integrated head yoke might make...