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  1. devonbrion1998

    4610 help needed

    Hi All I'm desperately trying to locate a steering drag link, as the one on my tractor has been welded, They can only find listings for a straight tube and mine has a bend in it, could someone please let me know if mine has been damaged or where I may get one with a bend in it?
  2. devonbrion1998

    4610 engine oil spec?

    Evening All Just managed to pick up a nice 4610, could someone please advise engine oil spec, a decent one, please? Anything else I should be looking at?
  3. devonbrion1998

    Ram question?

    I raddled up my all-new Cher Tup yesterday and off he went , blue marks on about 10 ewes, all good but Today another Ram got in there and he is smothered in blue so been jumping the same ones that are cycling no big problem he is a smart thing, so my question is what is the outcome likely to be...
  4. devonbrion1998

    late reseed?

    I still have some lambs on some kale, and they're doing well, only thing is there's still plenty left and I must put back to grass this autumn as part of an agreement, what's the absolute latest I can get away with? were southeast and the field is very well sheltered, your thoughts much appreciated
  5. devonbrion1998

    135 powered steering

    Hi All I have just fitted a loader to my 135 and just a few questions, please whats the options and opinions on a powered steering upgrade, with the loader she is very heavy? I have also lost some traction on the rear end, spinning while backing up with a loaded trailer? and finally, what...
  6. devonbrion1998

    Letting sheep out on Kale?

    As above really, I have 6ac of Kale, can I just let the ewes and lambs in on the lot or should I strip graze it? read somewhere that they may get problems, bit of a shock to the rumen?
  7. devonbrion1998

    marshall 802 belt

    802 fan belt replacement,is this a rad out job? and can I get around the hydraulic pump drive? or does that have to be taken apart as well Thanks in advance
  8. devonbrion1998

    Failed Kale

    As above my Kale crop failed in the recent drought, I had planned to put it back to p.p end of summer but just wondering thoughts on whats the earliest I could reseed? it's filling up with weeds with the recent rain should I just leave it and spray before reseed?I did get a good bed so will it...
  9. devonbrion1998

    oil suggestions pls

    I'm about to do 3 or 4 services on our land rovers all running on 5w30 oil and have been using Mannol engine oil fully synthetic, is it ok? or should I be thinking of something a bit better this time? Not much up on oils and all the jargon related to there performance. £44 per 20L I have been...
  10. devonbrion1998

    Grass seed recomendation Please

    Could anyone recommend a permanent seed for a dry light soiled sloping field? the intention is to run ewes/lambs at some stage, and a merchant that is still operating would be good, also what are my options given that it may go dry/dryer soon.
  11. devonbrion1998

    summer sheep crop

    I have an odd 5ac field which I grow turnips in last autumn and worked very well just wondering what your thoughts are on a summer crop for grazing ewes/lambs? Grass has proven difficult there we have reseeded many times before with little success, seems the turnips did well though, so thinking...
  12. devonbrion1998

    Feedig Ewes Post Lambing

    Just about halfway with my lambing this year, going extremely well but need to get the next bit right this year as in I would like all lambs finished and gone Nov/Dec at the latest, my question is feeding Ewes once they go back out, do folks keep up with feeding rolls and how long for? the last...
  13. devonbrion1998

    135 draw Bar ?

    Hi All, I took my drawbar off a couple of weeks ago to accommodate a 2 furrow plough went to put it back on today but can understand what holds the bar onto the frame? I stuck a big nut and bolt through to get on Today, but no idea what has happened to whatever was holding it all together, any...
  14. devonbrion1998

    Long and short keep Lambs

    I am about to bring the last of our lambs in Tomorrow, coming off of Turnips I think there are 60 odd, some real bad doers,(to much rain) some smallish but fleshed and the rest just need a bit of finish, my question should I be splitting them In the sheds due to size difference? or will they be...
  15. devonbrion1998

    Tractor trailer brakes?

    Hi All, Can my Marshall 802 have trailer brakes fitted? or set up in some fashion my issue is I need to move tonnes of cordwood so firstly I need a good-sized trailer 6/8 tonne and am a bit worried for the legal side of things with the "brakes" I have looked at 3.5 t trailers with override...
  16. devonbrion1998

    Finish Lambs inside??

    I have 60 lambs left, the not so good doers, they are out on Turnips which are coming to an end now with haylage and 10kgs of pellets daily, no grass to talk of, some are getting close to fit and half are still struggling, we have had no end of rain here persistent and cold. Would they be better...
  17. devonbrion1998

    Round Bale Hay v Square Bale

    Just looking at prices on Hay/haylage, Can anyone tell what the difference in weight/quantity is 4 string square and round,I'm aware there will always be variations on baleing methods, but just a rough guide?
  18. devonbrion1998

    Tax Question?

    Hi All, My question is goods for resale, I have bought a large amount of firewood in the last few years and we always sell it so will this year's outlay come directly off my gross profit for the year? Thanks
  19. devonbrion1998

    Ford 4610??

    Hi All, I am thinking of a possible purchase of a 4610 I understand there are problems with a porous block, what else should I be looking for? or shouldn't I be looking at all, and going in the direction of an MF some indication to road speed would be good and I believe they are 3 cyl? shes...
  20. devonbrion1998

    MF 135 multipower

    Could someone please explain in layman's terms the 135 multi power? I have heard different variations on this subject but have never really understood the benefits and functions of the multipower,however, I think I want one anyway :) Just seen an ad claiming his tractor mf 135 multipower has a...