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    Stubble to stubble rates

    What are people currently charging/being charged for a simple stubble to stubble operation on combinable cropping land?
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    Farms for sale

    As we enter into the busy time of year for farm sales, is everyone seeing an increase in farms in the local area or are people sitting tight? Recent years have seen a drop in farm sales with uncertainty surrounding Brexit and Farm support. Now with all this a lot more certain, will we see an...
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    Lump Sum Exit Scheme

    With the consultation due out on the exit scheme next week, is anyone interested in taking this payment and what would it need to be to incentivise you?
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    Sustainable Farming Incentive - Pilot Information (including PAYMENT RATES) To me this looks far from straightforward and those who moaned about the complexities of the BPS application...
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    Net Zero

    Morrison’s have made a big commitment for all farmer suppliers to be bet zero by 2030. How will machinery intensive businesses achieve this particularly thinking of the root cropping guys and large dairy units.
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    Selling a farm

    Speaking with a friend the other day, his family are considering a sale of the family farm as they have no succession. do people think that now is a good time to sell?
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    Red Tractor Standards Consultation

    Has anyone seen the new RT proposed standards? These include a recommended reduced stocking density for pigs. They also include a ban on multi tier systems for free range range eggs, which looks a massive blow unless I am reading it...
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    Reference period

    When do people think the reference period will be for delinking BPS payments?
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    McCain Grants

    Has anyone been successful in getting these? Are they there just to subsidise the low prices?
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    Post BPS Farming

    What is everyone’s plan for their farm business going forward with the drop/reduction in BPS?
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    Farm Borrowing

    Year on year increases in farm debt, is it sustainable or a bubble prime to burst? I spend a lot of time looking at farm accounts and once you take off the loan repayments, HP payments and bank charges there is often not a great lot, if any, left. I understand the banks when it comes to looking...
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    Has anyone been asked to be a pilot for the new scheme?
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    Agriculture Bill post Covid-19

    The next stage for the new bill is 13 May 2020. Will we see any changes to the current bill or just a case of press on regardless?
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    Budget 2020

    What do people think the government will change in the budget and the impact on farm incomes? inheritance tax?
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    Farmland Market

    2019 has been the quietest year for some time in the farm and land market. Do people think this is the calm before the storm and we see a flood of farms onto the market?
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    Warwickshire - Farm Dispersal Sale - Howkins & Harrison
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    Partnership dissolution and CGT

    I am currently involved in an amicable partnership split. All properties jointly owned and we are looking to put it into individual names. It is my understanding that capital gains tax wouldn’t be payable on the farm buildings and land but would be on the non occupied dwellings. Has anyone...
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    Farms for Sale

    Despite all the doom and gloom surrounding Brexit and a drop in profitability there seems to be a major lack in arable farms for sale this year. Does everyone think there will be a increase in supply?
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    I see that Gove is to set out the maximum support payment in January. What are everyone’s thoughts on what level this should be?
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    RLE1 - Surfaced Track - New Boundary or Permanently Ineligible Feature

    Just completing the rle 1 form for various changes and we have various farm tracks alongside hedges. I understand these aren't eligible but do they need including on the rle1 as an ineligible feature or new boundary line?. Thanks