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  1. happycows

    Steaming jersey heifers

    Bloody sales reps :rolleyes: . Hope the responses on here sink in as to the only reason he was keen to sell you 3 months worth of very expensive feed, which could have cost a lot more than the feed itself. I'd proceed with extreme caution as to the rest of the advice you might receive from him...
  2. happycows

    Crypto in calves.

    Completely agree but I doubt there aren't many at least down here that haven’t had iron deposits line pipes and tanks etc. even with filters and backwash systems. How often does everyone else change their UV bulbs and do you regularly clean the glass tube as matter of course?? I thought my UV...
  3. happycows

    Crypto in calves.

    This is the link I read on shock chlorination of water systems. couple people I spoke to emphasised the importance of try to clear as much iron build up as possible. Seems it harbours the occysts...
  4. happycows

    Private water supply

    There’s quite a lot of evidence that drinking alkaline water can improve your health. Copied Water with a pH lower than 7 is considered as acidic. A pH of 6 is ten times more acidic than that, and a pH of 5 is one hundred times that of 7, so there is a considerable increase in acidity with...
  5. happycows

    Private water supply

    My well is hideous at about 6.2. Runs through a neutralising medium of calcium carbonate (juraperle) takes it up to 7.8. Tastes much nicer and I can’t help get the feeling cows prefer it, but then when we always have acidosis in the back of our mind 100l of acidic water wouldn’t help matters!
  6. happycows

    Crypto in calves.

    Yes can taste the difference. Can also smell it in the shower. it’s like mains water rather than the well we’re used to. I didn’t like the borehole water that tasted cack!
  7. happycows

    Crypto in calves.

    Water does everything (including us :oops:) although everything going to robots and bulk tank has a .3% peracetic acid through a dosatron as final rinse. Adding 200ml to a 3000l tank. It soon dilutes down but everyone can tell it's in there and i may well put a metered dosing unit on the supply...
  8. happycows

    Crypto in calves.

    Calved first 20 of 100 fine no problems then had couple scour really bad. Didn’t mess about and got tested. Everything else clear but definite crypto in all 3 calves tested and didn’t come as a surprise as we vaccinate and are sticklers for colostrum, Was pulling my hair out. Every single calve...
  9. happycows

    Golden Nuggets....the 'fake meat' revolution is on its way....

    The trouble is as i get older I see it more, for everything your told about doing the perceived "right" the more i see a whole load of negatives that seem to never get consideration. Just one very small example. I've just checked my calving cows out field and there must have been a hundred...
  10. happycows

    Land purchase negotiations

    The Bps should not be much of a factor in decisions. Entitlements are worth £130 per ha. BPS Payments are not going to contribute any significant income towards it paying its way long term.
  11. happycows

    Bore hole water

    I’m used to a well which runs very pure and gravity feeds to the farm for uv treatment before dairy and pumped to our bungalow. I also run well through Juraperle in a filter as it’s very acidic straight out the ground. Recently had bore hole put in at short notice for backup in the dry weather 8...
  12. happycows


    I often text myself. How sad is that! My other half does this sh!t for a living but no good asking her. She’s dropping a few customers not looking for more I’m afraid. If you need a farm secretary try search on here.
  13. happycows

    Electric use

    Yes 2 robots just under mil litres per year. Just bare in mind i have very little in the way of labour apart from my calf feeder for 4 months while busy calving 3 hours a morning and i don't have to get out of bed and milk them every morning or afternoon's either. Not saying either is right or...
  14. happycows

    Electric use

    Thats about what I use to milk 100. 🙄
  15. happycows


    We are in full swing. Again few years ago calf scour (rotavirus and crypto) drove me to the brink. Had a couple of cases 3 weeks ago. Jumped straight on finding out the problem. We vaccinate all cows and calves have fresh calved cows milk for 3 weeks. Rotavec works well but didn’t cover my...
  16. happycows


    Sons girlfriend keeps them. She posted this yesterday. She 5th calver due again in November I did wind her up yesterday when she posted this that there must be some Fleckvieh in there somewhere being that substantial. I think she saw the funny side 😆. Tobarn dairy shorthorns on Facebook.
  17. happycows

    Entitlements. What should I do with them?

    I don’t think that’s correct now.
  18. happycows

    Trying to get milk contract.

    What breed? Jersey's?
  19. happycows

    Adding fresh fields

    I rented a couple fields in 2015/16 and claimed from non farming neighbour. Someone else had them for a few years but not claimed on them since i did last. I have now bought them and fresh entitlements from a agent but can't see how to add them back on. Any ideas. I can still see them on my old...
  20. happycows


    Been going for a few months. Very good but notifications can get a bit much but you can turn them off.