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  1. balerman

    Jeremy Clarksons new TV show

    I think some of his speech has been deliberately scrambled,in the last scene,the harvest picnic his words are much clearer.Doesnt detract at all from a brilliantly put together series.
  2. balerman

    pz 360 haybob

    Looking from the back,the right hand wheel should be one or two holes lower than the left one.
  3. balerman

    Welger 220 net knife not tripping

    I think you are better leaving it in float TBH,I’ve had welger balers for 30 years and that’s what I’ve always done.
  4. balerman

    Jeremy Clarksons new TV show

    It is brilliant entertainment,with a surprisingly eco angle to it.
  5. balerman

    Loyalty, dealer/brand, is it worth it?

    Sadly all loyalty gets you is being taken for granted,by all means use favoured dealers but don’t be blinkered.Look around and buy what suits you rather than what dealers have in stock and are keen to shift.
  6. balerman

    Michale V660 net wrap problem

    Their bale wrapper was a game changer when it came out,but a lot of their products since have copied the best bits of others.The Fusion baler being the exception to this,tho even here I think they have been caught and passed by others now,Kuhn in particular.
  7. balerman

    newholland t7 210

    Water in fuel sensor?
  8. balerman

    Brake cylinders

    Its probably pitted inside,so unlikely it will repair.If its a Girling one it will be available from a motor factor for a fraction of the price,might need to reuse the plunger with a new seal on but i bet the cylinder is used on other things.
  9. balerman

    Causes of brackling

    But it brackles the day before it’s ripe here sometimes! Potash deficiency will also cause it.
  10. balerman

    Case led lights

    Why put all the LEDs in a line where they overlap,Case design looks much better.Sorry don’t mean to be critical.
  11. balerman

    Kuhn multi master 121

    The plough legs have to be vertical when ploughing,so I don’t see how you can set it any different.
  12. balerman

    Case jxu 105 issues

    It’s only a £30 bearing and easy to change.
  13. balerman

    Case led lights

    Maxxum 115 from pryces,lights look slightly different tho.
  14. balerman

    Case led lights

    These ones? They are superb
  15. balerman

    Worst gate !

    In Devon we call that a Cornish gate,or a Somerset gate.
  16. balerman


    Must be something jamming in the gearing of the tedder to do that.Take the shaft off and spin the rotors by hand to see they are spinning freely,nothing to do with what you did.
  17. balerman

    Lely mower

  18. balerman

    Lely mower

    I don’t think there is a level plug.The book tells you how much to put in,I remember there was an issue with mine when dealer did the first service.They overfilled it cos it doesn’t all come out the drain plug,I make sure it’s only half full now.if it comes out the breather when folded its overfull.
  19. balerman

    Fahr KM22C drum mower advice

    Yep pretty sure there are
  20. balerman

    Lely mower

    Agree with that,biggish job to do tho.