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  1. chester

    Stihl strimmer difficult to start

    Got the strimmer out to tidy yard up and was tricky to start and when it did fire up it would idle but as soon as you try to open the throttle it would stop.Any suggestions on what I should try or do I just take it to local lawn mower guy?
  2. chester

    Is a Fendt 720 the same as a 724?

    Are they the same mechanically with different software to produce the different amounts of power? If so could you buy a 720 and chip/map it to produce the same hp as a 724?
  3. chester

    Winter wheat T1 2021

    Started T2 today on September drilled Extase, using 1l of Reveystar as we put on a weak t1 and think this showery weather is ramping up the septoria pressure. Getting on between the wind and showers is proving tricky but the rain is welcome as we’ve only had 25mm since March.
  4. chester

    Today at work

    I have a couple wheels that may suit.
  5. chester

    Potato price 2018

    Getting £200t for Markies in bags, Somerset.Taken a while to get them up there but is helping to offset the whites which we are getting £90 for in boxes for packing.Glad we have some on contract, swings and roundabouts springs to mind. Be interesting to see the area planted this year, it just...
  6. chester

    T1 Fungicide advice please

    How about “two zero”
  7. chester

    Build me a light weight 16t root crop trailer

    So any ideas where could get such a trailer or who would make me one?
  8. chester

    Build me a light weight 16t root crop trailer

    Need trailers to transport potatoes and cereals but ideally something that only weighs 4.5t empty which is a big ask I know but if you don’t ask you don’t get. Have a 13t Norton trailer that was new in 1993 and although only lightly built is still in use. So if you are only using the trailer for...
  9. chester

    Today at work

    After the usual irritation starting off the irrigation we are irrigating wheat in April which is a first for me.
  10. chester

    Kuhn power harrow tines - any decent long lasting ones around?

    Has anyone tried diamond dust on power Harrow tines, would like to try some.
  11. chester

    Who's worried about the lack of rain?

    We stopped using compost this year as read the plastic in it may be harmful to our worm population, do you not share the same concern?
  12. chester

    Today at work

    Last bed of the season and then we went to the pub to celebrate.
  13. chester

    Trimble FMX

    Had a look and no it’s not unlocked for Glonass, enquired and going to cost £600 to unlock, is it worth it? Hopefully get a demo of it first.
  14. chester

    Trimble FMX

    Don’t know, how do I check please?
  15. chester

    Trimble FMX

    We are using RTK with VRS correction via sim.
  16. chester

    Trimble FMX

    Have the above and it seems to loose Gps signal easily when going under trees and takes several minutes to regain signal. It only has 8 satellites in the middle of the field. How can we get it receiving more satellites? We are near Taunton FYI.
  17. chester

    Metcalfe +\- surface cultivation?

    Uncultivated will produce best margin and be more sustainable I would think.
  18. chester

    Combinables Price Tracker

    Just sold feed wheat for £196 ex April and feed barley £165 ex May, was starting to get nervous that they might drop further and these prices are still good albeit off the top
  19. chester

    What cultivator (excluding Top Down types) do you use to "One Pass" cultivate Over wintered stubbles ready for drilling.

    We use a Kuhn power Harrow on our heavier ground straight into the stubble with Optimix tines that penetrate the ground well. We go about 10kmh with a low rotor speed so it does not over work or pan the soil. We find the p/h a very flexible cultivator but it needs to be managed sensibly to...
  20. chester

    Arbochip required

    £14 a cu m, boiler put in 2009 so no emissions to worry about. Not had an rhi inspection yet.Thanks for your help.