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  1. WillB

    CS Capital Grant

    I am filling out my application under CS Capital Grants for a sprayer washdown area with roof and I have a few queries/questions. The system asks for the area requested to be submitted in ha. I have done that but it just looks 'wrong'. Also do I need to send my Catchment Sensitive Farming...
  2. WillB

    Briggs Roto Rainer

    Second hand roto rainer set-up inc pumps, preferably model 5 or 10.
  3. WillB

    Briggs Roto Rainer

    We are looking at one of these as a solution to disposing of dirty water throughout the winter months during washdown of poultry sheds. Ideally we would want to move a 10 cube an hour but the difficulty is that we have a number of different holding tanks. Therefore we want to be able to move...
  4. WillB

    Transferring fields between NH Intellisteer and Trimble 750

    I am moving a machine 'mid-job' from a NH 235 with integrated Intellisteer. I want to transfer the field data to another NH machine running a Trimble 750 system to retain the same swath lines. However, I am struggling to find a way of transferring the field data to a USB to upload. On the...
  5. WillB

    New Holland Boost

    I am trio-ing with a NH t7.235 auto command. When I put the pto I am getting the full boost. I know it is not meant to kick in without a load and it doesn't on any of our others. Question is will it do any harm? Is there actually any difference between this machine and the bigger models?
  6. WillB

    Lexion Chopper Blades

    Need to change the chopper blades on a 570. What's the best option? Plain or serrated, 3or4mm, spurious or stick with genuine Claas? Any experiences gratefully received.
  7. WillB

    Out of interest....

    What would someone have paid for this 3 seasons ago? 200k? If so that's £250hr - we're not new combine buyers but who's buying jd with those levels of depreciation?
  8. WillB

    Do yo have to mark ditches as permanent ineligible features?

    As above? We have fields where the ditch forms in on the boundary, together with a hedge. Do they need to be marked on the RLR? thank you in anticipation.
  9. WillB


    Why whenever I look to search for a topic does it come up with an error?
  10. WillB

    Le Chemeau Repairs

    Does anyone know of a firm which can replace the zip on my Chemeaus wellies? Thanks
  11. WillB

    Pressure Washer

    15 - 20 year old Mistral has just died. A simple, cold electric one should do us fine. What pressure washers do people recommend? TIA
  12. WillB

    TM190 Transmission Fuse

    25amp transmission fuse keeps blowing - the result is no drive in either direction and hydraulic lift wont work. Spools are fine. Dealer is not able to come out straight away and so any pointers would be gratefully received.
  13. WillB

    Endurance vs C & F

    Looking at putting up a 50kw turbine. Father thinks we should go with the C & F on the grounds that he feels that it is a better design. I want to go with Endurance as I have heard that the C & F is not as reliable and if it does go wrong, is more difficult to get fixed. This is hearsay I might...
  14. WillB

    Game Fair Queues

    I am likely to be going to the game fair tomorrow. Is there anybody been today and can comments on the traffic. Unfortunately I cannot get there early early doors as I am waiting on a delivery. Ta.