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    Dairy Farm For Sale

    Does make you wonder 52 acres next to the river Severn. Really rough sheds with mains water and electric. Just sold for £750K this last week. Don't even think the auctioneer put the particulars up either.
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    Dairy Farm For Sale Something abit different for you Danish farm £3.5 million
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    Applying scratch cards

    Did mine this morning and try the heifers abit later today. Bloody wet saturday here and gave upon it
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    The hoof GP

    I think i'd attend a proper course. After attending that i'd say a good crush is worth it's wait in gold for the cow and yourself. I atteneded embryonics course with his brother in law Craig last year. Was a really nice guy and wasn't really into the video evrything mantra of hoofgp. I...
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    Wanted - parlour feeders might be of use on ebay. there are some tidy looking delaval feeders as well
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    new start up. As for the reminders. Does it go against your business if you don't attend? Why don't they just do videos so we can watch when we want and have a live messaging board for queries and pictures of what we've got and is it compliant.
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    They must be. Taken on a 200 cow farm at Marton, Shropshire
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    Parlour/Tank room wall coatings?

    Apologies. Won't start on new one anybody tried stokboard? Would it stick the pressure washer and the chemicals? Just thought with thicker panels. You could do away with all the joiners of the PVC panels.
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    Restricions on calves?

    When does a dairy bull calf get classified as a beef animal according to red tractor? Would that require the dairy farm to have a beef audit as. well? Alot of farms won't have the space, time, NVZ implications and no contract to turn a profit from it possibly.
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    Restricions on calves?

    I'm very worried somebody could lose their contract through no fault of their own. Even the steering groups had problems with calves being shot. God knows whats going to happen when many more calves have the same rule on them.
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    The Red Tractor ACCS referendum

    Tried twice with my NFU. They haven't bothered to reply. Even been asked in arla area meetings. They aren't even willing to drop it atm because it's a one and half year inspection. Court ain't for turning. But have read up on it and I'm utterly amazed a scheme NFU has developed and pee'd off...
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    Think the H&S bloke would say no to both. Them blocks look dangerous
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    I'm not quite sure. But quite a few artics from four crosses go to Aylesbury a day and sometimes straight to westbury during the flush. One or two artic loads go to a cheese plant for welsh cheese a week. Haven't really asked lately.
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    More days/mornings off or shorter easier day

    Might sound daft. But why not put 2 16/32 side by side and have a man in each.
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    The Red Tractor ACCS referendum

    I think we need to start one of them petition things. To get it discussed in parliament or go to a review. There must be a way to get the NFU to alter their ways to. So members can give a vote of no confidence in the leadership or not fit for purpose. Maybe it's about time somebody who actually...
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    Effluent run off

    Would of thought raw sewage would of been higher
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    The Red Tractor ACCS referendum

    =AZXJFU9S7lOdwZoDYOZIIEzmMTmhYlZyx7cw-haDakscx7Frt5xsEOyD1sBCUSAYaQ63ZyyQkr-BcFWfn3CeESZs-VW8MdUt_YPWOEAkHSQWdw_uwtz73VjLDjqxUjEKq9obbxbOCej-_gMVFl_1tb2I91jhH1mkmTWuf9JHR09SDg&__tn__=-UC%2CP-R']NFU Online...
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    Wales NVZ, stocking rate at 170kg/ha N.

    Theres more going up to and pig fatting units as well.
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    New Cheese Factory in North Wales?

    Taking the tanks up settle I think. Really sad state of affairs Wales has lost about 500 million litres of processing capacity with Llandyrnog and Tomlinsons.
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    Wales NVZ, stocking rate at 170kg/ha N.

    Who's checking this the red tractor lot?