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  1. devonbrion1998

    4610 help needed

    Yep looking like a fettling job
  2. devonbrion1998

    4610 help needed

    No to be honest, I'm not aware of any, I did get a quote for a NH one at £620
  3. devonbrion1998

    4610 help needed

    Cheers I tried them this morning only the straight one 2wd
  4. devonbrion1998

    4610 help needed

    Just an update, I have scouted through pictures on the internet and it does have a curve in it, it is an 1984 4x4 4610 Just can't find a unit anywhere new, just a rusty thing on eBay
  5. devonbrion1998

    4610 help needed

    Hi All I'm desperately trying to locate a steering drag link, as the one on my tractor has been welded, They can only find listings for a straight tube and mine has a bend in it, could someone please let me know if mine has been damaged or where I may get one with a bend in it?
  6. devonbrion1998

    4610 engine oil spec?

    Thanks for that any brands to go for or avoid?/
  7. devonbrion1998

    4610 engine oil spec?

    Evening All Just managed to pick up a nice 4610, could someone please advise engine oil spec, a decent one, please? Anything else I should be looking at?
  8. devonbrion1998

    That bloody quorn advert

    Is that the meat and two veg? yeh stuck in my mind too, I have even started imitating him when her indoors asks what I fancy for dinner, driving her nuts,,,ha
  9. devonbrion1998

    'Classic' Tractor Insurance

    I have two classics insured with Rowlett,£60 each insured for everything my own farm work ,contracting, road runs, even social domestic use, added my son 18 to the policy, free of charge and another lad that works for us No charge. Can't remember all those questions and problems you have come up...
  10. devonbrion1998

    running pregnant ewes with ram lambs

    I think those Ram lambs will be on the go all day and the condition of them will just fall off, even if the ewes are in lamb and not cycling
  11. devonbrion1998

    Packham french kisses fox.

    Yeh....What else has he been up to, Creep!
  12. devonbrion1998

    Christmas trees this year

    I think they have pretty much said the lockdown will most likely go on longer than the 3rd of Dec I'm sure they will not begrudge folk of a Xmas tree.....will they
  13. devonbrion1998

    Christmas trees this year

    Definitely going to sell very well this year I reckon, folk are going to stay at home much more our firewood business is very busy at the moment the same thing, they're all enjoying their home comforts can't go without a tree this year!
  14. devonbrion1998

    Ram question?

    Well, that will be an interesting lambing,
  15. devonbrion1998

    Ram question?

    what I probably should have said the Texel is proven but the new tup is only 10m what I was thinking the new chap may be infertile thus leaving the ewes cycling or maybe they carry on for a few days. I got the old shepherd down the road saying all twins born will be one of each and some singles...
  16. devonbrion1998

    Ram question?

    I raddled up my all-new Cher Tup yesterday and off he went , blue marks on about 10 ewes, all good but Today another Ram got in there and he is smothered in blue so been jumping the same ones that are cycling no big problem he is a smart thing, so my question is what is the outcome likely to be...
  17. devonbrion1998

    What to look in a hogget ram

    well grown, shapely, with a good pair of plums
  18. devonbrion1998

    Calf won't suck

    patience and more patience ,should pay off if you got the time to sit there watching the milk dribble out the sides of his mouth whilst bottle feeding, then all of a sudden off they go, could take days though
  19. devonbrion1998

    Fathen in silage

    Rather you than me,
  20. devonbrion1998

    Best pick up tyres

    Bf Goodrich every time, good in the field, and you get more road miles out of them than anything I have ever seen