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  1. Martin Holden

    Lockdown is over!

    Driving through the S East of the UK back to the midlands yesterday I’d say normality has returned. Packed roads all the way - admittedly it was Friday but lots of folks looked like they were going on holiday.
  2. Martin Holden


    I wonder how many will misunderstand the title?!! Anyway what’s the consensus on China’s actions in Hong Kong? Seems the agreement that was made when it was handed back has been run through with “a coach and horses”. What does this say about China that we don’t already think we know? Isn’t it...
  3. Martin Holden


    Today’s news sees the show postponed until Feb 2022! This could mean that Lamma ‘22 is the first major show in Europe since March 2020!
  4. Martin Holden


    The rhetoric coming from China over the Hong Kong situation seems to be intensifying. Their ambassador to the UK has stated that offering Hong Kong citizens a UK passport is “gross interference”. He has also allegedly stated that if the UK pulls out of the Huawei deal “it will send a bad message...
  5. Martin Holden

    The EU and Coronavirus

    Is it me or has the EU been silent on this subject? Seems most countries have dealt with this on an individual basis including economic intervention along the furlough idea. I assumed the EU would have orchestrated a combined response and actions thereafter. I’m not criticising the EU as I still...
  6. Martin Holden

    And in other news...

    So Kier Starmer is the new Labour Party leader. Good, bad or indifferent?
  7. Martin Holden

    Low skilled workers

    Now the government have announced a points system for migrants entering the UK, how much of the fruit and Veg harvesting business be mechanised? Is this an area to exploit robotics?
  8. Martin Holden

    Is it me?

    Michel Barnier: UK can't have Canada trade deal with EU Is it me or does it seem that we are heading for a complete “no deal”? The two sides are poles apart on many issues and the rhetoric is now ramping up! What do others think?
  9. Martin Holden

    The rise and fall of the Supermarkets So Morrisons are following on from what Sainsburys have also announced - cutting costs due to poorer sales than predicted. The relative newcomers Aldi and Lidl...
  10. Martin Holden

    Non Alignment

    Interesting to hear Savid Javid say today that non alignment after we end the transition period could see food prices and others goods rise here. Unless there are silly import rules then I don’t see why goods have to rise in price at all. Both sides in this situation need to get a grip and deal...
  11. Martin Holden

    Press and Media

    Is one of our problems these days due to the hourly microscopic investigation for news and controversy by the press and media is actually in part a complete waste of time? Sure their are issues that affect us all which we want to hear about in a balanced way but the reporting of non essential...
  12. Martin Holden

    Westminster Woes

    Well, Parliament has voted against an election on 12 December. None of the opposition parties want the Tories in Downing Street, yet they repeatedly avoid an election. If Parliament were a boardroom group of a PLC, the shareholders would surely have “kicked their proverbial backsides” out by...
  13. Martin Holden

    Does it matter what deal Boris is able to get?

    Given the almost complete lack of appetite from Labour and LD’s for any agreement that takes the UK or GB out of the EU customs arrangements, is any deal struck now going to get through Parliament? The tide in Westminster seems to be clearly remain or exit but stay in the customs union and...
  14. Martin Holden

    Good news (for a change) Seems someone is happy to invest in more home production. Good on them. Should save a few air miles too!
  15. Martin Holden


    The Greeks have voted in a more right wing government. Seems the outgoing PM and his party paid the price for backing down to the EU and accepting draconian cuts in return for a bail out. Given the very different historical economy in Greece with what I believe earlier retirement than in the...
  16. Martin Holden

    USA standards Interesting news! Wouldn’t have thought their was much appetite for this in the UK.... is there? Mods feel free to move this if it’s not appropriate here
  17. Martin Holden

    Greece and the Eurozone

    Looks like a deal is done tonight to extend the Greek bailout payback plan. Just as well; the alternative would have hurt all of us eventually. For sure letting Greece drop out would have cost Germany a great deal more than the extension agreed tonight. The austerity they have initiated is truly...
  18. Martin Holden

    New Look?

    Clive, suddenly the BFF has a whole new look! New software supplier?
  19. Martin Holden

    Something different!

    The Royal Welsh Show takes place next week in Builth. We will be showing mainly Autumn products from new model diet feeders, new model bale shredders to a surprise plough! We will also be displaying a grain sucker/blower - a first at the show! We look forward to meeting new and existing...