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  1. Andy Howard

    Robotic Platform for Precision Nitrogen Applications

    I am involved in a Innovate UK project called N2 Vision N₂Vision – Automated Robotic Nitrogen Diagnosis of Arable Soil ( The eventual aim is to design a robotic platform that can assess the Nitrogen status of your crops down to the individual plant scale and then apply the...
  2. Andy Howard

    Drills: Other - Simtech T-Sem 300AP

    Drills: Other - Simtech T-Sem 300AP Category: Drills Manufacturer: Other Price: £21000 Condition: Used Description: 3m Simtech T-Sem 300AP No till drill. In excellent condition. Has only done 340ha. It has the Sulky electronic metering system ad radar. It is very simple to calibrate. There...
  3. Andy Howard

    Drills: John Deere - 750a

    Drills: John Deere - 750a Category: Drills Manufacturer: John Deere Price: £18500 Condition: Used Description: Width 3m, Year 1999. Very good condition and well looked after. Has Guttler wheels plus extra Guttler weights on each wheel. Has been refurbished in the last 3 years, most moving...
  4. Andy Howard

    Nuffield Report on Companion Cropping

    My Nuffield report was published today after 2 years of hard work. I hope people enjoy it and please share with others. Andy
  5. Andy Howard

    Blue Dasher Farm

    On my Nuffield travels I was lucky enough to meet an entomologist called Dr Jonathan Lundgren. He was one of my most inspiring visits in the US. He was at the time working for the USDA ARS but when I was there he was having troubles as he spoke up against certain practices and backed it up with...
  6. Andy Howard

    Low volume spraying

    On my travels around France this year I have twice come across farmers who spray fungicides, insecticides and round up at 40-50l of water per hectare and half the rate of chemical. One was even doing it for all herbicides. They only spray early in the morning and not during the day. Does anyone...
  7. Andy Howard

    French Row Cleaner for JD 750a

    Only seen the photos below myself not in real life Idea is to create a very narrow clean strip. I think it has legs but needs depth control controlled by a spring or hydraulics otherwise it will dig in too much. Very fine line between doing a good job and blocking the drill. Any thoughts?
  8. Andy Howard

    My Nuffield Scholarship Blog

    I am lucky enough to have been awarded a scholarship to study Companion Cropping and Intercropping in UK arable. I have only just started but over the next couple of years there should be some interesting stuff from around the world. I am a complete blogging novice so be nice...
  9. Andy Howard

    Converting 750a from 3m to 4m

    Is there any technical reasons why you would not be able to do the above?
  10. Andy Howard

    Energy My Way

    Looking to install solar panels on our barn roof. Has anyone had experience with the above company. Trying to look for a review that is independent and not on their website. Hopefully someone can help. Many thanks Andy
  11. Andy Howard

    Undersown OSR

    I undersowed this with white clover as Frederic Thomas suggested. Will be interesting to see if it grows!! As you can see the companion crop of vetch is just dying off.
  12. Andy Howard

    Claydon 3m SR

    We have a 2007 3m Claydon SR for sale. It is in very good condition. One owner and well looked after. Sulky hopper capable of holding 500kg of seed wheat easily Seed mechanism is land wheel driven Operators hand book in good condition Parallel linkage means leading tine can be adjusted from...
  13. Andy Howard

    Exapta JD750a disc blades Has anyone tried the discs from exapta? Just wondering if they are any better than the JD ones
  14. Andy Howard

    Round Up Resistant Blackgrass

    I was listening to Dick Neale speak last night about Black grass strategies and his experiences at Brampton. He was promoting Cousin's new Surface cultivator and using multiple applications of glyphosate along with rolling and raking to get as much BG emerged before the crop is drilled. This...
  15. Andy Howard

    Worm presentation Interesting talk about earthworms. Not seen it all yet. The videos at the end are good.
  16. Andy Howard

    Colder soils in no till,-Wetter-Myth-With-No-Till,-Cover-Crops-8-14-13.php Interesting article about the myth of cold soils no-till and cover crops. Obviously not very scientific.
  17. Andy Howard

    Broadcasting Cover crops

    We have been broadcasting covers today into standing wheat. A local contractor came in with a pneumatic spreader. He spread 65kg/ha of Pedders Mix 2. We decided to get some spread as I do not think I will have time to drill all my covers during harvest and in time. It is higher risk and we now...
  18. Andy Howard

    N-Fix Interesting to see if this makes it into the market place. If it does then maybe people who have shares in Yara might want to sell. I expect it will be priced to be only slightly cheaper though!
  19. Andy Howard

    BASE UK meeting

    Just thought I would post a few pictures from the meeting last night at ours. Seem to go very well. About 45 attendees. Very flattering that so many people came from so far for the meeting. The furthest was Aberdeenshire, Knockie you win that prize. There are various forum members pictured. I...
  20. Andy Howard

    Albrect vs Reams

    From an article: William A. Albrecht was a giant in the field of biological agriculture. His impact on agriculture around the world can hardly be overstated. Dr. Albrecht had an early fascination with soil and studied it meticulously for 6 decades. Albrecht worked in the university system as the...