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  1. PuG

    Heavily constipated calf

    Morning, I've got a calf which went down yesterday afternoon with constipation - she previously had an operation on her umbilical. Still on milk replacer but shes outside with a group lightly grazing. Given her several enema's, and olive oil orally twice (can't find the paraffin). She was up...
  2. PuG

    Cattle trailer, 28ft, any recommendations?

    Morning, we're looking at moving cattle up to the mountains thats about an 1hr and 45 minute drive by car. Our idea is to perhaps buy either a second hand or new cattle trailer. The previous farmer use to get them hauled on either one double decker or two smaller cattle lorries but reasonably...
  3. PuG

    John Deere 575 baler - spool valve solenoid

    Afternoon, just wondering if anyone here has a 575 electric solenoid kicking around or from a breaker? Our one which retracts the knifes was burnt off in a fire, the other two survived. Cheers, James
  4. PuG

    Renault Trafic 3, fridge unit voltage drop in the van

    Afternoon. I have posted this question on the Renault forums but im a new member and awaiting to be approved. We sell beef direct to customers andhave a box fridge unit that slides into the back of the van which runs of the mains (when plugged in) and then via an inbuilt inverter direct from...
  5. PuG

    STIHL FS 560 C-EM vs Husqvarna 555 RXT - which blade? Brush cutters.

    After discussing with the old man we've decided to go with a new brush cutter, looking for opinions. Mostly dealing with brambles, light coppice and general brush along the fence lines. We don't normally suffer from grass. Originally started looking at back packs but ruled them out with people...
  6. PuG

    Emegrency Caesarean, umbilical was pulled

    I had a heifer who sadly 5 days ago was injured internally by another cow. Kept going but rapidly deteriorated early evening yesterday. I took the decision to shoot her and cut the calf out as no vet was available. Managed to save the calf but whilst pulling out the umbilical was pulled from the...
  7. PuG

    CAT hydralic pipes for a TH62 - specifications

    Good morning, I've got several hydraulic pipes leaking on our CAT TH62 - to buy directly from CAT is vastly too expensive, I can have them made locally apart from the slow turn around accept CAT won't supply me with pipe specifications (lengths/dia/fitting sizes). I own both the work shop...
  8. PuG

    adlib feeding for calves, grain

    Afternoon. Just brought my herd in for the winter - calves have a creep area with (as normal) unlimited access to hay and lucerne bale (mixed). Still suckling there mum's. I also have a creep feeder which I never use, I've got a ton of barley mixed with peas sitting here and I was considering...
  9. PuG

    fence clearing with a flame gun

    We have allot of fencing that running through wood land and inaccessible areas - never liked brush cutters in that they seem to take allot of time. Normally I walk with a bill hook keeping the worst of the brush and brambles back. The other day looked at a sheen x300 flame gun. Ironically had...
  10. PuG

    John Deere 2030 4x4, ceased rear wheels, moving it

    We have been given a John Deere 2030, has a front loader and cab. Its stranded in a field about 200 yards from what will be our barn. The owner says her rear wheels are ceased, something failed internally and stopped her dead. The engine is supposedly a runner. The problem is shes on top of the...
  11. PuG

    biofertilizer - Azotobacter + Phosphotika?

    Good morning, quick question on whether anyone here uses the various bio fertilizers? I fancy trying this next year and so far can only source it from India. I can get hold of Bacillus subtilis, but I would like to use Azotobacter + Phosphotika as recommended for Sorghum...
  12. PuG

    Landini Alpine 85, Duetz or equivalent for steep land work

    Finally come the decision we need to invest in a tractor and looking for some ideas. Main priority is that its very good on steep land, low COG, not massively tall but proportionally wide is fine. Up to 100hp. Front loader for stock feeding during the winter on out land, and helping the...
  13. PuG

    Terminating cover crop, drill then muck?

    Evening, quick question, end of May I intend on terminating our cover crop with the flail mower to direct drill Sorghum Sucro 506 ( - after drilling I was thinking on muck spreading straight from our barns...
  14. PuG

    22mm dia hole and getting a correct distance on a mill?

    Good morning, after some machining advise. I need to drill two holes 300mm apart in steel bar to a N6, 22mm tolerance (nominally 21.98mm) for press fitting needle bearings. 32 holes in total, 2 in each steel bar. The bars are going to be laser cut for there shape - in the previous design I...
  15. PuG

    Metal band saw... recommendation?

    Good evening, can anyone recommend a good brand of metal band saw's about in the 500 - 600 range? Example: I need to cut tube pretty accurately and some other steels parts. I looked at bed mounted...
  16. PuG

    Herd aggression when overwintering in barns

    Afternoon, after some advice from the wise heads. Limousine with horns but I've been tipping them - reasonable individual temperaments towards me. We have two herds that over winter inside, December through to April. 19 + 1 bull in there own pen (25m x 6, 150 sq/m), and a second herd about 40...
  17. PuG

    Duetz Argotron 165 mrk3 transmission oil leak

    Evening. Problem with the tractor, end of last year our Duetz developed a transmission oil leak that appears to come from above the rear right axle housing (somewhere on top between the casting and cab), running down the front of the bell/axle housing next to the body. Doesn't always leak, but...
  18. PuG

    ISO quick coupler size

    Afternoon, I'm having a bit of a stupid moment here, whats a standard ISO A size for normal hydraulic quick couplers for tractors? 1/2", 3/4" or 1" male. I measure them out between 20 to 23mm dia depending. Cheers, James
  19. PuG

    Claas Senator 60 paint codes

    Our header finally arrived yesterday from Devon for our old girl. Unfortunately no crop lifters. Been sitting in a yard Devon for the last three years. Fancy over winter renovation and to do some spraying. Though I can find all of the Claas paint codes I cant get any reference to the year or...
  20. PuG

    Worn out grass, cover crops?

    Morning, we run about 90 head of beef (which I've reduced), need to produce 500 bales p/a for summer buffer and winter feeding which I can just about do at the moment. We cut from May to June, the grass basically doesn't recover, gets baked off from the sun, even the Lucerne is struggling and...