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  1. Zippy768

    Merlo 40.7 turbofarmer operators manual

    Anybody have a Merlo 40.7 turbo farmer 2010 manual they may be willing to part with? Willing to pay obviously
  2. Zippy768

    Can i sell my feed mixes

    Been ask if I can provide some of our feed mix to a customer who has been purchasing cattle off us. Would add up to a fair tonnage over 12 months. Is is legal to do this? Made up of five ingredients. All bought it bar the Barley.
  3. Zippy768

    What would one expect from a 2nd hand machinery purchase.

    Not really had much experience in buying machines myself, but took delivery of 2 machines this last month. Both 10 years old. Not a massive money either of them but both priced about right from what I see. Both from dealers. Couple of niggles with them now. But what would be peoples...
  4. Zippy768

    Merlo 40.7p things

    New to us machine. Not sure what everything does. The red key in the top right, the orange button and the warning lights (obviously I know some) Anybody care to enlighten me. Also should there be a buzzer on the handbrake on?
  5. Zippy768

    Fusarium score of maize variety

    Not sure if this is better here, or dairy. How important and relative is the fusarium score of a maize variety when being followed by wheat?
  6. Zippy768

    Manitou Brackets choice

    Any advantage of one type over another? The 2 brackets or the one piece?
  7. Zippy768


    Ours we be there end of next week I expect, especially when in warms up. No T0 and no disease about here. What are people thinking? SDHI? Anything will be partnered with Folpet.
  8. Zippy768

    Amazone Z-AM OM 18-24 disc

    Anybody got a decent set of them. Conditions of vanes are not important as already have some.
  9. Zippy768

    Wanted: OM 18-24m discs for Amazone Z-am

    Just curious if anybody on here had a set of OM 18-24m discs kicking about. Vane condition not important as already have some.
  10. Zippy768

    Pre-em marks and rolling

    Finally moved into the 20th century and have pre-em markers on the drill. What's the best way to suggest to the roller man to conserve the visibility of my marks?
  11. Zippy768


    Any of the jcb, merlo, Manitou machines considered, apart from construction models. Farm yard machine, 7 metre boom, around 3 t lift. Around 20k. Hoping there might be something about I haven't seen
  12. Zippy768

    Big Bag fertiliser dispeners

    Anybody have any experience of thoughts of the Vidbag or Fledbag type fert bag dispensers? Worth the 150 quid?
  13. Zippy768

    Darlington to Dorset

    Just after a ballpark figure to transport a tractor from Darlington to Dorset.
  14. Zippy768

    Bean Seed

    A few questions... -Do people bother to clean if farm saving? - (It absolutely didn't have pre harvest glyphosate) Would pre harvest Roundup affect germination? - Does bean seed keep over year ok? I didn't get all the winters in and can now switch to spring cheaper.
  15. Zippy768

    Planet NMax

    Doing the Nmax on the dreaded planet 😪. No problem with ww, struggled with SB (hadn't confirmed something somewhere) and now struggling with Spring Beans. Given that nothing was applied to spring beans, is it even possible for it to show up in the NMax? Happily leave it as it is. But is RT man...
  16. Zippy768

    Tb Contagious test

    Can I do our Contagious test in two halves? We have some animals that are sold that need a test to move. Can I use the "Contagious" test to get them tested and moved. Then once they have left get the rest of the herd tested? I assume once you start a "whole herd contagious test" you have to...
  17. Zippy768

    Winter Beans Pre-Em

    So Blackgrass, Cleavers and Charlock are the main issues. For Blackgrass, Kerb is the only effective option. And needs to be pre-em? (Blackgrass isnt awful) How well would a Nirvana work on Cleavers? Could I get away with dropping the rate of Nirvana and boosting with some straight Pend and...
  18. Zippy768

    Breed change on passport

    Took my eye off the ball about 4 months ago when a group of calves arrived. I have a "Hereford" steer that looks remarkably like an Aberdeen Angus. Whole animal black. Hereford on passport though. Had a look through computer and I have both Herefords and Angus from the same farm all with...
  19. Zippy768

    Harvesting Spring Beans

    Hopefully make a start this week. Never grown before, any tips?? Cut with moisture between 16%-20%? Unload on tickover? Speed? What is safe long term storage moisture? Will be going into neighbours store.
  20. Zippy768

    To replace or repair - costings

    How do people cost out to either repair or replace a piece of machinery? I'm talking a well worn machine that NEEDS work doing to it - among other things - vs replacing it with a second hand machine