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  1. Norfolk Hill Farmer

    Wildlife offer and capital grants timing

    Recently applied for CSS wildlife offer to start hopefully 1/1/22 ,would also like to apply for the capital grants scheme for fencing and hedges etc to run at the same time. Do I have to wait until next year to apply for the Capital Grants part as I am already in an existing CS Scheme which...
  2. Norfolk Hill Farmer

    Super power for Christmas

    Happy Christmas to all from Norfolk. If you could have a super power for Christmas, what would it be ? Mine would be to have a witty, intelligent, or insightful comment to use every time one was needed, instantly, not 20 minutes after the moment had passed.
  3. Norfolk Hill Farmer

    Feeding Pumpkins to livestock

    As above, have got some come available, has anyone had any experience of them ?
  4. Norfolk Hill Farmer

    Grazed Fodder beet and ewes teeth

    Mouthed older ewes this week, mostly NC mules, found lots with badly worn down teeth and many of them only 2015 born. Could this be from grazing fodder beet in situ ? Anyone have any thoughts or experiences.
  5. Norfolk Hill Farmer

    What is this animal ?

    Unfortunately squashed this rodent under the teleporter wheels in some long grass whilst repairing a fence. Like a rat but very black with some serious claws and teeth. Anyone got any idea what it is ?
  6. Norfolk Hill Farmer

    Broad spectrum lamb bolus including copper

    As above, does anyone have any recommendations. Used Mayo 5 in 1 s for the first time on the ewes this spring and got on well, but don't think their lamb bolus contains copper. Tia NHF
  7. Norfolk Hill Farmer

    Premature lambs

    Always get a few prematures , often weak , can or can't suck , can or can't stand up, you know the sort of thing. Feed them colostrum then milk little and often ,and keep them warm. To be honest, despite all this faffing about , we have a very poor success rate ? and many fade away ,often...
  8. Norfolk Hill Farmer

    Which variety of Fodder Beet

    Grew Bangor last year , big yield but but what we harvested is only just keeping ,with a lot of clamp management. I guess it's the low dry matter for both these things. What variety can people recommend for grazing November/December,and also lifting some , say In mid December, with a view to...
  9. Norfolk Hill Farmer

    Jaw Abscesses on ewes

    Strip grazing ewes on fodder beet. Found one dead on Monday morning, hadn't been seen to be ill, she had no visible abscess but an amount of blood coming from her mouth. Another one very ill Tuesday afternoon, again no visible abscesses but blood coming from her mouth, treated her with...
  10. Norfolk Hill Farmer

    Air line tyre inflator

    Need a new inflator ( trod on the old one) ? Can you get one where you set the gauge to the required pressure, hook it on and leave it to inflate, and it switches off when the tyre is inflated enough ? Is there such a thing ? TIA NHF
  11. Norfolk Hill Farmer

    Sheep and copper

    Our grass / land is short of copper and high in molybdenum ,and other antagonists, always give the sheep mineral drenches containing copper, but not convinced any of them stay in the the system for more than a fortnight ,let alone 3 months as some manufacturers claim . Considering using Boluses...
  12. Norfolk Hill Farmer

    Mixing Ram lambs with senior Rams

    I would like to keep a fairly large group of ewes together ,but don't have enough older Rams to cover them all. I have some well grown Ram lambs available to me, is it ok to mix the Ram lambs and the old Rams together and put them in with the mob of ewes.
  13. Norfolk Hill Farmer

    Any feed value in Fodder Radish

    One of our arable farming neighbors is grows what I think is fodder radish as an Autumn catch crop, they drill it late summer usually get a big leaf area ( up to your knees ) then flail it off and plough it in. I was considering asking them if I could buy the crop and graze sheep on it. Could...
  14. Norfolk Hill Farmer

    Forage catch crop after potatoes

    Have tried several times now to grow stubble turnips behind potatoes, but found that the residual herbicide left over from treating the potato crop, stunts the turnips growth (even after ploughing). Does anyone else have experience of this ? And does anyone have any suggestions for a catch crop...
  15. Norfolk Hill Farmer

    Dysect , does it protect well against fly strike

    Had the sheep sheared for a couple of weeks now, and starting to think about covering them for fly strike. I know Click Extra will do the job , but is becoming very expensive. What are other people's experience with Dysect pour on ? I know it doesn't last as long as CE but is much cheaper...
  16. Norfolk Hill Farmer

    Ewe gone wobbly

    Got a NC mule ewe staggering around with poor coordination etc , she can see and is alert. I have treated her with mag and Calcium last night as well as AB. She is a lit worse this morning and I have given her more mag and Ca along with a shot of B1. She is quite thin compared to the others...