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  1. balerman

    Kidd 240s topper

    Anyone got one,looks strong enough.My abbey one has rusted out,too many places for wet grass to sit so don’t want another.
  2. balerman

    Kuhn auto reset plough

    Does anyone know where there is a decent 121/122/123 4 or 5 furrow on h4 bodies for sale.Absolutely sick to death of replacing shear bolts on our DP100 (one of our blocks of land is called Fishleigh rock) Can’t justify new and secondhand they are sold instantly and a 150 would be too heavy.
  3. balerman

    Bale wrap price increase

    Just a heads up for anyone buying wrap in any quantity.There are big rises on the horizon up to £20/roll.Should be able to still do a good deal in the next week or so.I know they say this every year but it WILL happen this year.
  4. balerman

    Solano sprayer

    Looking at a 12m hydraulic fold.Looks well made and tidy pipe routing compared to the other budget brands,anyone got one.
  5. balerman

    Pa55 gearbox oil

    Book says SAE80 or ISO 100 I have 85w90 is that good enough only needs 0.5l .There is literally one line in the whole book on changing the oil and it’s a pig to get to.
  6. balerman

    New 6120M Deere TLS

    Neighbour is considering one as a loader tractor,would you spec TLS on a tractor that only really does loader work? Cracking looking tractor,ive only driven a Valtra with front suspension and a loader and it was hard to be precise with it.I presume you can turn it off on an M series.
  7. balerman

    NH T5070 gearbox fault

    Started out thinking the fwd/rev clutch pack had gone.After some research and draining the transmission oil revealing bits of bearing we have concluded there is a bearing gone in the gearbox,dealer foreman confirmed they have done several,not sure why as it is on the bottom shaft running in oil...
  8. balerman

    NH T5070 lost forward gears

    Forward gears suddenly stopped,reversed out the shed then wouldn't move forwards.First thought is solenoid or fwd/rev clutch packs,4300hrs but they have been hard hours,a lot of round baling,loading a wrapper and hauling heavy loads.Anyone had similar problem?
  9. balerman

    FABBL Beef Herd Health plan

    How much are we all expected to pay for this,just had mine done for the first time,it took less than an hour of a highly skilled vets time,including printing off a list of drugs used during the year,and 10 pages of photocopying.No herd visit,it was all done in the office.
  10. balerman

    Health and safety audit

    Ive had both the bank manager and insurance rep here in the last couple months,this is a small farm with some contracting and a holiday let,both have advised a Health and Safety audit incase HSE come calling.I thought yes ,good idea till I found out the cost,between £1-2k for a visit followed up...
  11. balerman

    Lely mower hex shaft replacement

    Presuming mine has broken,only 3 discs driving out of 6.I see there is a plate covering the end on the non drive end,will it come out easily or do I need to take the bed apart,havent had time to look yet TIA.
  12. balerman

    John Deere wheel centres!

    Anyone else had this happen And this is the fix,including a new centre !
  13. balerman

    JD 5100r command 8

    My neighbour has one,and even tho he has green blood absolutely hates the gearbox.Apparantly there are software upgrades coming but not yet,Profi even mention the annoying auto functions.Dealer has 3 more the same and they are going to swap them all out for command quad ones at little/no cost to...
  14. balerman

    how much water to add to barley that is 11%

    As above really,my barley is 11-12%,too dry for rolling.I have a Propcorn applicator that I can use to add water fairly accurately,how much would I need to get it to say 15%.I was thinkin 10l/t to add 1%.
  15. balerman

    Kuhn/Accord DA combi value

    Got the chance of a very tidy 2.5m combi drill,1995 done approx. 4000 acres from new,always meticulously maintained Suffolk coulters with plenty of life left,new ph tines,being sold by a relation so tricky for me to value,any ideas of a value?
  16. balerman

    Deere 130M and Case Maxxum 125 price difference.

    I have been pricing tractors this week,straight deal no trade in.How can the equivalent Deere cost 40% more ?.More or less identical spec,Case is actually 30hp more when boosting but ive ignored that,i just cannot see where the extra £20k comes from,ok it will be worth a bit more to trade in,but...
  17. balerman

    New Case Maxxum 115

    We are looking at one to drive a Welger 245 chopper baler,currently using a JXU115 which will struggle when chopping really tough/dry first cut grass.Supposed to be 125/130hp under boost which should be enough,but is the boost really noticeable,havent tried one yet but hoping to get a demo one...
  18. balerman

    NH combine dividers.

    Ok looking for a consensus,which type are the best.I only use one on the crop side but really been struggling with the original adjustable one, it has probably got bent over the years and has too many sharp edges.Was thinking either a folding one or short type,hi capacity header TIA.
  19. balerman

    Political uncertainty good for farming ?

    Ok,probably not long term but in the short term the pound is weakening all the time,meaning higher prices for everything and with harvest fast approaching I cant see too much wrong or is this too simplistic? Not good for new machinery prices I know,but as long as JC is kept out of number...
  20. balerman

    Difficult farming neighbour

    Our farm is at the end of a lowest grade council road which was concreted by the previous owners of our farm,neighbours farm is 200 yards away,off the same lane, we have always had a strained relationship although no major problems.They put in for planning last year for a 120x60 sheep shed which...