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  1. Fish

    Tractor hydraulic pumps and oil capacity..

    'Why o why' do tractor manufacturers continue to fit weezie little oil pumps and have such poor oil capacity as standard. Just mated my newly purchased, previous enjoy tractor to one of our 16 ton trailers and even with the oil beyond the extra max on the sight gauge, it was still unable to...
  2. Fish

    Dyna 6, good or bad ?

    The reason i ask is I'm looking for a pre enjoyed tractor to take on a few tasks, headge cutting, rolling and a wee bit of hauling with 16 grain trailer ( private roads) no draft work. This tractor would probably have north of 6000/7000+hr, good or very bad idea, or should I look else where ...
  3. Fish

    Horsch co 4 updates

    I thought I'd show a few photos of our latest project, which is to convert this old co to dd, to convert the fan to hydraulic drive and at the same time replace the head stock with an updated one + we may try and fit a dry fert tank. So far we have remove the markers and fix all the worn out...
  4. Fish

    Lapwing nests

    while drilling 20 acres of barley this afternoon, I have gone round 4 nests, + there were three other pairs which didn't seem to have nests yet. Tomorrow moving to another field where we have all ready marked four nest sites each with 3 to 4 eggs. Seems to be quite a number of lapwings nesting...
  5. Fish


    Anyone else seeing this sort of build up. Almost every head, in a 100m run on a 24m headland.
  6. Fish

    Nh tractors heading for a second life

    Anyone recognise their nh tractor heading for a second life in the cane and rice fields.
  7. Fish

    I knew it had been wet, but!

    Spotted these two today while spraying, Two ex jack pike, must have been wetter than I thought.
  8. Fish

    Dinner time

  9. Fish

    Slugs and fym

    I've often read on here that muck deters slugs, someone better tell these feckers they shouldn't be there.
  10. Fish

    Case cvx

    Had this tractor on demo for a few days (145 cvx), went ok. How are other people getting on with the cvx ? Regards every day use, is it easy to use. Any problems ?
  11. Fish

    Project straw harrow

    Having decided that I need a straw harrow, and having looked at some of the harrows at Cereals, we have decided to build our own. The reasons for this are two fold, first, price, think of a number, double it and add 20% come to mind. Second, we think some of the harrows are just not strong...
  12. Fish

    RTX Range Point

    Is RTX Range point any good for fixed tramlines ? Or will it drift over time.
  13. Fish

    Spring rape/sclerotinia

    Now spring rape is starting to flower and it looks like it will be wet for the next few days, will it be worth spraying for Sclerotinia ?