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    Anybody had dealings with them? Its a long way from me and don't want a wasted journey. Cheers.
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    Telescopic contract hire

    Who offers this please? 3t, 7m machine with rear hitch. Looking for 3 years and about 2000 hours in total.
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    Holiday Let

    We've got an old brick barn in the yard but its not central so offset to the edge and I am wondering about converting it to a holiday let. Only problem is its got good frontage with nothing obscuring views and theres scope for a nice garden and ample parking but the rear of the shed backs onto...
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    Mounted sprayer and tractor set up

    Anybody know of or selling a mounted sprayer with the tractor its fitted to? Not to fussed on make or model but 24m booms.
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    iPhone USB adapter stick

    Do these usb sticks that claim to plug into your iPhone via the charger port but will also plug directly to a pc to transfers files/pictures actually work? Looks great in the adverts but like with lots of these things I’d like real life experiences please.
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    Catering unit

    Does anybody know where you could get a catering unit from. Something thats based on a box trailer? Its got to be new as its for a charity and needs to meet hse etc. Edit to add it also needs to be able to hold 2 x 6ft go-carts and some spares so a cross between catering unit and box type trailer.
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    Nitrogen on silage ground

    Is it to early? Looking to get 3 cuts and a hay as it’s coming out of a 5 year ley into wheat.
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    Max seed rate from an accord

    Any ideas on max seed rate with barrel fully open on an accord dl compactor? Standard tgw wheat.
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    Claas Scorpion opinions

    Looking at a few of these 7030, 7040, from 2008 to 2012 as they look not bad value from £25,000 to £30,000 with around 6000 hours on the clocks. Any user opinions please as I’ve never seen one in the flesh. Normal tasks such as loading grain, loading straw and hauling a straw trailer...
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    Imac 'photos' issue

    So I have an iMac and I have the following issue. If I want to attach a photo to an email or a forum post, when you press attach and then select 'photos' from the list that pops up, the photos folder is then empty and a message says 'open photos to see your photos in this list'. I have tried...
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    VAT qualifying vehicle

    Aside from the fact you need to recharge vat when you sell it are there any other negatives to buying a vat qualifying car and then claiming it back legitimately.
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    Computer speakers

    Ok so I've snapped off a 3.5 jack plug in the socket on an iMac and I cannot get it out. Tried all sorts of hacks off you tube and its in solid, so I am giving up. I just want to buy a cheapish set of speakers that plug in via usb and work and do not have a 3.5mm jack that also plugs in. The...
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    Microsoft Office issue

    Help hopefully. I bought Office for Mac in 2017 and its worked fine. Had a new iMac and installed the software from the original download purchase email without any issue. However on the new iMac now running the 2017 Office software it wants me to subscribe to Office 365 to be able to save and...
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    Apple Migration assistant

    Anybody ever used this? I've got a new iMac which is partially set up with iCloud and Thunderbird which I did at my home address due to having 30mb broadband. However the iMac at work then has various other things on it like Microsoft Office for Mac, printer drivers etc. If i use the migration...
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    Late cut hay/haylage rent?

    We’ve done a 1st cut silage and will be doing a 2nd cut on some 2 yr ley land. I’ve been asked if I’d consider letting somebody make either a very late hay or haylage in August time. After we’ve done the 2nd cut silage theyd put some Nitrogen on then it would be theres until they’ve made the hay...
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    Sprayer PPE

    Where does everybody get their sprayer PPE please? gloves face shields etc.
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    Tractor registrations 50% down
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    Fuchs Grease cartridges

    Where’s the best place to buy them from? The screw in type. We’ve not got a Fuchs account before anybody suggests it.
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    1980 MF 760 vs Fendt Ideal

    760 with 30ft header vs Ideal 9T with 50ft header. Bit of nostalgia as we had 695 MF combine many years ago.
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    Low HP massive mower

    Why aren’t these popular over here? I see lots of HP on relatively small mowers over here, yet in the states this is 16m cut width on 225hp.