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    Australia Free Trade Deal?

    One thing no one has ever mentioned and that is currency exchange rates,a fall in the pound rate would put a different spin on it.Things go up but at a certain point it has only one way and that’s down.
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    Australian chap

    Just heard the Australian chap on about how much beef etc is heading our way,BUT he mentioned Scotland,Wales and Ireland errr excuse me what about the rest of the sodding UK we have beef cattle mate as well or has Truss and Boris said sod us as well.
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    Australia Free Trade Deal?

    Ok then the order book is open ,when can our first shipment of beef be on Australian plates.Oh wait a minute will we have any to sell anyone once everyone gives up.Boris and Truss would sell their souls to the devil to be everyone’s overseas mate,what are you going to do when nothing left...
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    Grove just answer the question

    Don’t worry that will be the next sell out
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    Found an old FW and spotted an advert for this .Anyone use this as Draxin doesn‘t work for us.
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    Australia Free Trade Deal?

    You can’t adapt if the goal posts keep changing.
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    Grove just answer the question

    Just seen Grove on the news,clearly not answering the questions asked over uk standards / Australian standards.Someone tell me who is going to buy our beef ,considering uk buyers play foot and loose over pricing.It’s no good to keep saying uk is the best and our standards are high while allowing...
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    Australia Free Trade Deal?

    With the livestock industry as everyone is saying going into meltdown and disappearing,the green bunny hugging lot wanting trees,peat bogs,open park land ,the bit of corn still grown will need a market.No wait has Boris a plan to sell the arable sector down the river.Fact is this country is in a...
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    End of the Road for Small Livestock Farms?

    Suckler bred cattle used to get a premium for their meat,now it’s just beef as everyone in the food chain is wanting that extra dollar off .Sadly it’s the start of food chain that pays the price not the end .Why does everyone think it’s only small farms that need the subs, wait until those...
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    5465 gear box calibration

    Anyone got the sequence for this
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    Agricultural personal number plates

    YE5 1 MOO wonder price tag on that
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    Fat cattle/dairy breeds

    Let’s hope it’s not U grade then.
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    Fat cattle/dairy breeds

    Time to fight back then,public been ripped off makes a good headline
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    Fat cattle/dairy breeds

    Yes it’s totally wrong,a grade is a grade if it’s MLC .So what they are saying is the meat is not good enough.Well Mr sodding supermarket explain that to the public when you say no b/w bulls calves can be killed.I would like all butchers/ supermarkets to trace back and confirm not one bit of...
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    Fat cattle/dairy breeds

    How many are getting knocked on price because of breed ,in material of grade.So it’s seems MLC grading means nothing ,it’s the breed now.
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    Heifer calved

    A lovely heifer calved and sadly the calf died 2 weeks later,long story she got caught by a rig in the fattening yard.Anyway have tried to put a calf on her but we only have calves that had been weaned a week earlier.She is so distressed even a week later and tje foster calf not interested.Never...
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    Aggressive cow and calf

    sell the calf now ,if you are still wanting to keep the cow she may calm down once weaned.I take it she isn’t in calf again.But and here’s the But do YOU want to leave in a box because cows are dangerous ,a bull will knock you down and leave you,a cow will keep at you.Has the cow ever been...
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    Ag Tied cottage rent

    Who did you use to remove ag ties,it’s difficult round here .Trying to remove one from the 70s put on when I think it should not have been.
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    Just who are IDB and EA answerable to

    As the heading says,just who are they answerable to .once again the IDB think it’s beneath themselves to speak to landowners,the EA fail to ensure water flows out past lock gates so tonight grass and corn under water because of their actions.The local council continue to past planning without...
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    Sedating a wild steer

    Marksman,and in the freezer .I made the choice the other week,it was either she came back in freezer boxes or I left in a box.Boy the beef tastes good