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    Sheep wintering

    I'm sure the answer is probably no but any of you nice dairy farmers in north yorks / north east area have any sheep grazing available later in the year? please PM if any. thanks
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    Hoofsure Endurance

    Anyone use this stuff on sheep? any good? claims to work on all foot issues including codd? tempted to give it a try this wekend as have lambs with scald .
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    Winter grazing for sheep north York’s

    Winter keep for sheep needed either grass or cover crops closer to thirsk the better , also looking for land to rent for the year please message me if you know of anything
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    Cydectin 2% and covexin 8

    I’m sure this has been asked before but couldn’t find anything via search , is there any reason not to give ewes a jab of cydectin 2% at the same time as pre lambing shot of covexin 8 ?
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    Ewes being infected with toxo at tupping

    A friend has rang me today and asked about what happens to ewes picking up toxoplasmosis Whilst in with a tup , they have just bought a house on the outskirts of a village, the paddock hadn’t being grazed at all this year until they put 20 ewes and a tup in there last week of October all ewes...
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    Breeding sheep sale next week?

    just got some more grass last night so looking for some ewes in north Yorkshire / durham area asap , is there any sales on next week anywhere?
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    Hydrated lime 25kg bags

    What are people paying for this nowadays and where are you getting it from ? Haven’t bought any in a while and cheapest I can find from local builders merchants is £17.69 a bag last lot I bought was about £9 a bag.
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    Grass wanted to rent near Thirsk

    looking for some grazing to rent in northallerton /thirsk/beadle area, will only be used for sheep.
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    Finishing pigs for xmas

    I have a couple of pure old spots that im wanting to send to butcher week before xmas , they are about 55kg just wondering best way of feeding them to get them to slaughter weight would you ad lib or feed once / twice day? cheers
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    Borders Disease

    Can anyone tell me how long borders disease virus survives on pasture? I've just lost some rented land and now going to have to tup some ewes on a field that has had lambs on it all summer up until yesterday. we had minor outbreak of borders this last lambing and a bit worried some of the lambs...
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    Bad name at the mart....

    Went to a mart on the borders of the dales for the first time in a good few years to a mule shearling sale a few weeks ago there was a pen of 10 mule shearlings that looked as good as anything else there (most made 130 ish ) but stuggled to make £70 a head , there was buyers from all over the...
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    Am I right in saying this has been discontinued? is the are an alternative out there containing praziquantel that is safe for use in sheep?
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    Worst livestock related injury?

    Trying to catch a tup lamb last night that was a bit lame, had him cornered between building and truck ran to grab him and the little b*stard ran and jumped to get past me and hit me bang on the nose end. blood pissing everywhere sore as hell today struggling to breathe feeling sorry for my self...
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    Lame ewes with no visable foot issues.

    Hi chaps, checking a set of ewes and lambs on Sunday and noticed 2 ewes lame on one back leg, the leg is held high up as if a thorn or something in it , still has full range of motion in it just wont put down . caught them up , no visible signs of any foot issues , gave shot of alamycin just as...
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    Swaledale boys...

    Anyone on here any experience crossing swale ewes straight to a Texel , Suffolk etc rather than a BFL, bought some swales ewes in for the first time last year and pretty happy with how they've done , very low maintenance , all lambed themselves to a BFL tup but ive ended up with 75% wether...