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    Australian chap

    Just heard the Australian chap on about how much beef etc is heading our way,BUT he mentioned Scotland,Wales and Ireland errr excuse me what about the rest of the sodding UK we have beef cattle mate as well or has Truss and Boris said sod us as well.
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    Found an old FW and spotted an advert for this .Anyone use this as Draxin doesn‘t work for us.
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    Grove just answer the question

    Just seen Grove on the news,clearly not answering the questions asked over uk standards / Australian standards.Someone tell me who is going to buy our beef ,considering uk buyers play foot and loose over pricing.It’s no good to keep saying uk is the best and our standards are high while allowing...
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    5465 gear box calibration

    Anyone got the sequence for this
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    Fat cattle/dairy breeds

    How many are getting knocked on price because of breed ,in material of grade.So it’s seems MLC grading means nothing ,it’s the breed now.
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    Heifer calved

    A lovely heifer calved and sadly the calf died 2 weeks later,long story she got caught by a rig in the fattening yard.Anyway have tried to put a calf on her but we only have calves that had been weaned a week earlier.She is so distressed even a week later and tje foster calf not interested.Never...
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    Just who are IDB and EA answerable to

    As the heading says,just who are they answerable to .once again the IDB think it’s beneath themselves to speak to landowners,the EA fail to ensure water flows out past lock gates so tonight grass and corn under water because of their actions.The local council continue to past planning without...
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    Cattle prices

    With barley increasing daily and cattle prices either the same or 5p off ,how long before the cattle go.
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    Having banked with them for more than I remember they needs forms filling in to confirm I am who I say I am and business details .Think it all to do with covid
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    Bounce back loan

    how many won’t be paid back by those claims made by non existing business,just watched Cameron on answering questions on TV ,boy a lot goes on the public don’t know about.
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    Sai global

    Just had a message they selling to another company,anyone else got email.Money making red tractor but I can’t flippin sell my cattle dwt without it.
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    New defender

    Has the new defender seen off the double cab pick up brigade
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    Feed barley price

    Just been told the price and my chin hit the floor.Whats others paying ,as yards could be empty by weekend and sold as stores.Fat price needs to be even damn higher.
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    Sickening footage of calf abuse

    Just seen the footage of terrible treatment of calves at a farm,thankfully it’s been exposed .How can someone sell tiny calves to such a hell hole ,those lives are worthless it seems.I feel sick to think those animals born within days ,shown no affection from their mothers and sold to be...
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    New machine

    Don’t you just love it,new machine delivered .No number plate or details of ,no ag blue ,no service book .That’s without her in doors going over it moaning paint coming off .Please tell me it’s not April 1 st.🤔
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    If planning was passed over 20 years ago and the local council failed to enforce a condition,does that original condition still stand as it was put on before the houses could be occupied as part of the planning approval.Does the piece of land still have that planning on it for the original...
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    Pigs screaming

    Not a pig farmer myself but nearby has b&b pigs ,they scream all day long .Infact all night , sleep is something that is now lacking in this household.Never hear other pigs in the area.When I say scream I mean scream like they are been murdered.surely something is not right.
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    Vet charges for castrations of cattle

    What’s everyone paying.I need a strong drink before looking at the bill again
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    VIA cattle grading grid

    Has anyone a copy of this grading system ,I can’t get my head round all the different levels.E,U,RO was easy to follow.
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    Empty medicine bottles

    what do you all do with them,