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    We are leaving the EU

    My wife and I that is. We never wanted to be part of it,and voted against it in the first referendum as well as the second, but 18 years ago we felt we needed to live somewhere warmer. I was castigated for living in Portugal during the lead up to Brexit, but, whilst I refused to go into detail...
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    Can you sell a farm?

    Have you ever fancied yourself as being a salesperson? Could you sell a small farm in Portugal? I am about to begin an advertising campaign and of course am restricted to those places where travel to Portugal is permitted. I have a lot of faith in being able to sell to someone in one of the...
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    Glyphosate alternative?

    I would like some suggestions based on general knowledge and experience please. Last year, when I was unable to do any work for most of it, I had an influx of a weed that had first noticeably appeared the year before. Unfortunately most of it seeded last year. The commonest weeds have changed...
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    How bright are these people?

    The ones telling us all what should and what should not be done. Take this as an example: A fourth Sage member, Prof Calum Semple, said a "brave" political decision had been made to coincide with when schools were due to reopen "were everything normal", but warned that high levels of...
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    Replacement Tractor Battery

    I am storing a Shibaura D23F tractor and other equipment etc. on a long-term basis for someone who is overseas. The deal is I get to use the tractor and I have my orchard boom sprayer permanently attached - all 2.9m of it. The tractor battery has died. I swapped it and the one from my NH45 to...
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    The Spanish flu pandemic was traced back to a US pig farm, while BSE was caused by farmers in the UK feeding cattle dead cattle. BBC today. Can anything be done to stop this organisation telling lies to the world?
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    Ode to Joy

    Does anybody else find this an odd tune to play at times like the Proms (especially the year of the Twin Towers terrorist attack) and yesterday by the National Youth Orchestra? Apart from the fact that it is the anthem of the EU, of which we are no longer a part, it is recognised as a protest...
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    Covid-19 in Portugal

    I cannot speak directly on what the actual situation is throughout Portugal; only repeat a report given to me yesterday. As some know I had a heart operation last year and extensive blood tests led to my doctor advising 2 weeks ago that I was “almost” back to normal. We took the decision to...
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    Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Leather Dressing

    I made a similar post last year but was then taken into hospital for a few weeks, and had a heart/arteries operation. That meant I was out of action for quite some time and unable to pursue other marketing. I am now towards the end of the current harvest and find that I could use a couple of...
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    What has been your weirdest farming problem?

    Wherever I have farmed over the last several decades I have come across something different to make life "interesting". In Northumberland an extremely heavy snowstorm on the night of 27 December 1978, followed by more snow for several weeks, caused me heavy sheep losses. I simply could not find...
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    Olive Oil and Olive Oil Products

    My wife and I have advertised our farm for sale but are not expecting to sell it soon. Local buyers for a working farm are extremely rare and most immigrants move to Portugal to retire. In the meantime I continue to produce increasing quantities of olive oil each harvest (plus nuts in the...
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    Food Industry letter to Gove I cannot make a lot of sense out of this article. Does anyone have the full letter, and why is the NFU a signatory?
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    As someone who has followed the politics of what is now the EU ever since the Treaty of Rome - admittedly sometimes not in great detail, I am now firmly of the opinion that the Eurocrats are beginning to panic. This forum, and it seems others, has been joined by quite a number of people who are...
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    Should we cease farming?

    According to this link the cessation of farming in America caused the Little Ice Age. If you do not want to read it all, the theory is that rewilding of agricultural land caused a drop in atmospheric CO2 sufficient to lower the temperature...
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    What did you expect when you voted Remain?

    I know this is an almost impossible request, but I am making two threads to which I would like straightforward answers. One is for those who voted Leave in the 2016 Referendum and the other is for those who voted Remain. The assumption is you expected your vote to be on the winning side. Please...
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    What did you expect when you voted Leave?

    I know this is an almost impossible request, but I am making two threads to which I would like straightforward answers. One is for those who voted Leave in the 2016 Referendum and the other is for those who voted Remain. The assumption is you expected your vote to be on the winning side. Please...
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    Soluble Calcium

    Whilst I am currently advertising my property for sale I am also conscious of the fact that it took five years to sell in Australia. Consequently I continue to farm as if I will be here forever. 15 years of soil and tissue tests (the bulk of the place is in olives and nuts) continue to show...
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    In dealing with an enquiry about costs of purchase for the smallholding I am selling in Portugal, I decided that the treatment of businesses in VAT matters has to be the most stupid of stupid taxes. For those too young to remember, setting up VAT in the UK was a compulsory part of us joining the...
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    Advertising a smallholding for sale

    I think I might be going to retire. General old age and the after effects of a bad fall last winter have left me needing assistance with heavier tasks, and I do not like it. At the very least I intend to cut right back on work and probably cease commercial operations altogether. We are now...
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    Smallholding in Portugal

    6.6Ha REGISTERED AGRICULTURAL HOLDING CASTELO BRANCO, PORTUGAL 2Ha olives and 2Ha nuts. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms house. Mains water. 3 phase electric. Extensive buildings. Main road and river frontages. €315,000. Full details...