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    Steaming jersey heifers

    New to dairy and just trying to glean a bit of your collective wisdom. What are peoples views on this practice pre calving. Will be milking Pedigree Jersey heifers in a robot. Feed rep has recommended steaming them up with concentrates 3 months prior to calving. Call me sceptical but I’m very...
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    SSSI Spring Barley herbicides

    Hi folks, just been granted consent to plant some spring barley on SSSI. Unfortunately they have refused consent to let me use Ally Max as a herbicide as they deem it toxic to bugs etc. They have asked me to submit application for consent for alternatives. Thought the collective brains on here...
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    Anybody buying crimped barley?

    Just wondering if anybody on here has bought crimped barley lately? Have 60 tonnes to sell and wondering what its making, would £130 be a ball park?
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    JS145 hydraulic problems

    Hoping someone can help or have experience of this problem. Having been breaking out rock for two days with hydraulic hammer my JS145 had developed a creaking sound. At first thought is was creaking pin so jumped out and re-greased all pins. Noise still there, seemed to be worst when dipper...
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    DFF on forage maize

    Sure I saw a post about off label DFF used on forage maize. Anybody any experience?
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    Push/Pull plough, anybody running them these days?

    Just wondering why these never took off in a big way. Less horsepower more furrows, what’s not to like?
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    Anybody doing pedigree Hereford Bull beef?

    As per thread anybody doing this?
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    Best value for money 13t breaker?

    Looking to buy new as a bit wary of used. Not a heavy user perhaps 6-8 weeks a year but think its avout time to stop hiring and buying my own. Are the cheaper makes really that bad? Some with 2 year warranties too. I break out rock mainly from farm quarries for own use, its not granite so not...
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    Best 13t breaker for excavator

    Not sure if this the right place to post this question. Looking to buy a new breaker for my JS145 and am now completely confused as to which make to go for. Obviously Montabert, Atlas Copco are go to brands but does anybody have views on the Korean/Turkish makes? Also seen some Rewin ones online...
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    Market for 9 month B&W barley bulls.

    I have 52 B&W barley bulls currently 4-5 month old on ad lib crimped barley, bicarb, minerals and highpro molasses. Bought them as had 70 tonnes o crimp in clamp needed using. Would prefer to get then off farm by 9 months for further finishing by someone else. Is there a market or am I better...
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    Ag spec structural engineer drawings

    Anyone recommend a structural engineer to provide spec drawings for a slatted tank. Any ideas on cost for drawings also please. Need to keep Environment Agency happy.
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    JCB JS145 fitting a case drain line

    Want to run a flail head on my JS145 and wondering if anyone had fitted a case drain line. Any ideas where to plumb it into the tank? Guessing a 1/2” hose would do the trick zip tied to hammer pipework?
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    Danish Jersey ration

    Thinking of cropped area for feeding Danish Jerseys next year. At the moment I’m looking at 70 acres Maize, 40 acres spring barley wholecrop and 60 acres of ryegrass/ red clover silage. What sort of daily ration would others recommend from these ingredients i.e. percentage inclusion. I guess...
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    Crimped Barley value

    Have 70 tonnes crimped barley (ensiled with additive) and just wondering what it would be worth per tonne ex-farm at the moment?
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    20' lean to at 3 degree roof pitch - steel size

    Wanting to build 20' lean to but due to PD restriction within 3km airfield can only go max 3m. So thought approx 9' rising to 10' on 3 degree pitch. Do you think I can get away with 178x104? We're by the coast here in North Walea so snow loading not really an issue.
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    Used Robots

    Contemplating a 65 cow unit as a spinoff to a larger conventional milking platform. Just visited a farm running two robots on a grass platform and was very impressed by the set up, run by a very knowledgable young lady, who very kindly and patiently answered our novice questions. Soooo.... been...
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    Milking parlour either side of road.

    This is going to sound completely nuts, but I'm trying to figure out how to avoid crossing road with milkers. Its a new site so can put a parlour anywhere and thinking I could build two parlours one either side of road. One side would have parlour and bulk tank and the other just a parlour and...
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    Untreated maize seed

    I believe Mesurol is going this year, am I right in thinking that maize seed will be cheaper this year without it? Why is maize seed more expensive than barley anyway, how much per tonne is a tonne of feed maize?
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    What’s maize silage making this year?

    Per tonne out of clamp ex farm. Say 38% dm.
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    Uruguay and Argentina trip

    Hi all, am thinking of visiting Uruguay and Argentina at some point this winter. Would anybody know any farming contacts over there? Am interested in seeing farming systems/practices etc? Also any tips and advice appreciated. Cheers DM