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  1. J

    Does putting up "wanting to buy land" ads ever work?

    I didn't have any luck. It might work for some people
  2. J

    Goslings wanted

    have you tried Gressingham ducks they used to do Geese as well
  3. J

    Goslings wanted

    I bet his brain is scrambled now
  4. J

    Goslings wanted

    I hope you are not hatching any more jokes
  5. J

    Goslings wanted

    that joke cracked me up
  6. J

    UV treatment sanitation

    You could contact Scotmas they could test water supply chemical and applicator all through crop I have used it it keeps water clean BUT did have litter problems could of been other reasons also the chemical was harsh on drinker rubbers. There is other companies offering similar
  7. J

    Paddle switch

    You might be better with a prox sensor no moving parts more sensitive
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    Looking For Work Poultry manager or GFW

    Hi. I am a 53 year old looking for work. For the last 20 years I have been doing poultry mainly broiler and ducks and have a NVQ Level 3. Also I have worked with cattle can drive tractors, telehandlers, ATV, use a chainsaw, dry stone walling and done some fencing. Any area considered...
  9. J

    Shipping container

    there is a guy at Harperhill in Buxton he delivers but cant remember his name
  10. J

    Bye bye bale trailer

    its the new self propelled and easy emptying model all you need is a hill and it does the rest.
  11. J

    Water Borehole

    try wb& ad morgan
  12. J

    Ford 4610 - How much is it worth?

    not worth a lot I wouldn't touch it unless you have a hole in the hedge to fill.
  13. J

    What it worth?

    as it has spent most of it time sitting there you could be getting yourself a heap of expensive scrap or the price of a better tractor to put it right. tell your landlord it will need a lot of money to put it right and suggested offer him the £500 or walk away
  14. J

    DB 880

    interesting how some people think they can walk on water and are better than other people but I suppose that's how it goes
  15. J

    DB 880

    with it having a loader the steering and the clutch could be troublesome we had a 780 that was like that
  16. J

    Cherry Valley

    they are owned by the Avera group sound untrue but then you never know.
  17. J


    I remember the Cider Bar part of the night in there the rest of the night on the toilet
  18. J

    Mobile biomass wood chippers

    try SDL they chip your wood or deliver chip
  19. J

    Sheds Available Herefordshire.

    yes I know that but what I meant was when houses are build and over priced so just the rich can have a home in the country and then complain about ever thing
  20. J

    FOR SALE - Profitable Devon poultry unit with potential (STP) for a dwelling

    would they consider renting the poultry houses