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  1. Andy Howard

    Robotic Platform for Precision Nitrogen Applications

    I am involved in a Innovate UK project called N2 Vision N₂Vision – Automated Robotic Nitrogen Diagnosis of Arable Soil ( The eventual aim is to design a robotic platform that can assess the Nitrogen status of your crops down to the individual plant scale and then apply the...
  2. Andy Howard

    Companion cropping

    DM and we can have a chat
  3. Andy Howard

    Really early wheat drilling trial

    I love forums, even I don't know my average wheat yield as I haven't downloaded info myself! Gladly way above 5t/ha😂 I am only doing a small trial. Will need some rain though first. It will be on a clean field, clover understorey and I think about 100 plants per m2. Depending on when it is...
  4. Andy Howard

    Wheat yields so far

    Completely agree, also the fishing industry would be dead. The problem is there are people who think we should rewild 50% of the Farmland and are looking for an excuse. Not sure compost has microplastic. Plastic yes.
  5. Andy Howard

    Wheat yields so far

    My view is that it could be seen as a future contaminant and an excuse for people to reject crops from that land. Is is worth the risk? Not sure.
  6. Andy Howard

    Wheat yields so far

    How much micro plastic in it? Next big issue for industry.
  7. Andy Howard

    fert on w crops

    Upto around 80kg /ha of K can leach annually from soils. We are now January and there is potential for heavy rainfall and water logging during the rest of the winter. I agree soil type and local conditions need to be taken into account but I can't see why you would risk applying it now when it...
  8. Andy Howard

    fert on w crops

    MOP is highly leachable and K is not needed in winter cereals in any significant amounts for a long time yet. I would keep it in the shed A least you know it's not disappearing out your field drains in February.
  9. Andy Howard

    Companion cropping OSR

    We use clomazone on our peas and beans when intercropping with SOSR. So spring beans or peas. Not sure off sensitivity of other legumes like vetch.
  10. Andy Howard

    Site Required for Honey Bees in Kent

    Forgot to say. I am a couple of miles from Ashford
  11. Andy Howard

    Site Required for Honey Bees in Kent

    Yes, DM me for a chat.
  12. Andy Howard

    2018 - Flea beetle attacks in OSR

    It not a fail safe. Studies show a saving of one INSECTICIDE, doesn't negate their need. Like all cultural control methods they have their limits. There is a lot more benefits to companion cropping rape than just CSFB though.
  13. Andy Howard

    Differing pH results

    Why do you think lime companies like testing after harvest? They sell more lime! I do testing in the early spring. 6.2 isn't low really. 6.4 is ideal.
  14. Andy Howard

    Wheat harvest 2018

    I wouldn't direct drill wheat after 10 yrs grass. You need a non cereal break. Is that the only DD wheat?
  15. Andy Howard

    companion cropping winter oats

    Depending on your herbicide program and weed burden I would have thought buckwheat is worth a try. What about spring linseed, spring beans, spring peas? Most should die over winter or can kill. I think you could probably keep linseed. Maybe try some winter linseed and harvest both? Only ideas...
  16. Andy Howard

    Is a straw rake ever enough?

    I rarely use ours. I stopped after having rouged brome for 3 hours that the rake had dragged from the headland into the field. The brome angle was in a lovely straight line at the same angle the rake went. I don’t think our weaving one does anything for BG. I think just rolling would do a better...
  17. Andy Howard

    Linseed nitrogen

    Speak to Edaphos. It can go through sprayer. First thing you need really is a tissue test to see where you are,
  18. Andy Howard

    Linseed nitrogen

    Don’t put any more than 80-90 here. Don’t see the point. I would spend money on other elements to improve N utilisation. With the strange weather this spring our spring crops are coming up with strange tissue results. Our linseed is short of Boron, Mo and Mag. All important for getting nutrient...
  19. Andy Howard

    Remedying (Hard) Mains Water Quality for Optimal Spray Applications

    Is there any grants for rainwater harvesting in your area?
  20. Andy Howard

    Potassium again

    That's interesting. We use Lancrop and K is the one that is always low no matter what we do. Think I will have to buy a potassium meter to double check. You going to Groundswell John? Been a while since we caught up.