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    Bertolini Pumps

    Hello, We have a Hardi 363/10 pump requiring a rebuild. Local boom spray manufacturer installs and deals in Bertolini pumps. The largest he stocks is a Bertolini 2180 pump which looks to have similar output specs as the 363. It will be fitted to a 70 ft trailing Hardi boom. Will a Bertolini...
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    MF tractor in flood water

    Hello, couldn't get one of our tractors out before flooding. Water has gone in engine. What is the best way to flush it and clean it out? Thanks in advance.
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    MF 7475 Perkins 1106D-E66TA engine

    Hello, We run a 2008 MF 7475 with a Perkins 1106 motor, and from a product brochure its listed as a 1106D-E66TA. It looks quite different to the 1006 motors in our 6270 and 399. Just curious is the 1106 the same motor as a Cat 6.6 and therefore is essentially a Cat motor (of Cat heritage)...
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    MF 1085 won't hold reverse

    Hello., We have an MF 1085 12 speed multipower tractor that won't hold reverse. It is a dash shift with shift rods running down to a gear tower on the top of the trans. I have changed the plungers and detent springs with no improvement. I put the gear lever in "R" reverse on the dash and it...
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    Fresh Beans Harvesting

    Hello, Just started out harvesting fresh beans and learning to run an old picker. I have picked up some tips along the way, but I'm having some issues with too many broken beans, bruising and a lot of stalk in the sample. I am running the row of beans along the frame of the machine and the...
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    MF 168 starting issue

    Hello, We have an MF 168 that won't restart on a hot day and it only does run around chores. The fuel injection pump is hot and if I run some tap water on it, then it will start but takes a bit of turning over. What's causing it? I'm in OZ and temps over 30 degrees causing the issue. 40 degrees...
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    MF 7475 Transmission Oil Drain

    Hello, Wanting to drain the transmission oil on my MF 7475. After I bought the machine (here in OZ) I ordered an operators manual from my local MF dealer. For some reason they sent me one with photocopied pages with photos I can hardly see and it's the US version with set gears and a park lock...
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    Hardi Diaphragm Pump Broken Valve Cover

    Hello, We have a trailed Hardi sprayer with a 6 diaphragm pump (looks like a Hardi 363). Recently it was leaking from where one valve cover bolts to the pump. It was a broken diaphragm. Replaced it OK but went again and now the bolt holding the diaphragm has broken through the cast valve...
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    Kverneland Potato Planter Poor Engagement

    Hello we have an old 1995 model Kverneland four row potato planter that won't engage at times when you drop it into the ground. Problem is worse when the seed bin is tilted too far forward and the four small feed hoppers are full. Any tips are gratefully appreciated.
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    Potato Seed Excessive Age?

    Hello, I have a bulka of potato seed from last season's harvest. I intended to grow it six weeks ago, but continual wet weather has put planting back. The seed is well shot which isn't a concern for this variety, but what concerns me is that a fair proportion of the seed has small tubers...
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    MF 399 Clutch Cable Removal

    Hello, Our MF 399 clutch cable has stripped out. Not the first time either, which I dislike as it is such an important safety aspect of the machine. I need to remove it but find it is held tight recessed in two forks, one under the dash and one under the cab. How do you get it out of these...
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    MF 7475 Dyna VT Trans Oil

    Hello, I have a 2008 MF 7475 due for its Dyna VT trans oil change. It is the first change since I purchased it. Looking for a few tips from the forum please. My MF dealer said 15W-40 for the trans a while back, but at the dealership last week the parts department printed me the AGCO spec sheet...
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    Potato Internal Brown Fleck

    Hello, Had a crop with internal brown fleck and read that it is predominately due to warm night temps and/or large plant foliage. Incidence was only on the crop planted in new ground with a large mass of foliage but not in the crop planted in old cropping ground. It was a hot dry spring/summer...
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    MF 7400 fuel tank leak

    Last year working up a corn field I got stalks knock the bottom outlet nozzle cracking it. Replaced it but some minor leaking. Had a spare day so tried to fix it. Found the inner brass nut moulded into the tank is tur ing so I got fuel tank putty and sealed it. Good for a week and leaking...
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    Home Built Grader Blade

    Hello A home built grader blade has come up for sale. Very heavy construction but one concern I have is that the horizontal frame runs from the top link on the head stock and not from the lower links. My understanding is that heavy tillage implements have the frame set at the height of the...
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    Industrial lug tyre damage

    Hello, I have a 18.4 backhoe tyre with an industrial lug. Tyre went flat and serviceman indicated the tyre is finished. He pointed out that the nylon threads in the internal wall has been chaffed in places along the sidewall possibly by someone driving the machine with the tyre flat from his...
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    Broccoli Soft Head Rot

    Hello, Having a bit too much damp weather lately and starting to get signs of soft head rot in my broccoli crop. I have adopted a spray program with preventative and curative fungicides for alternaria, which has worked well to control alternaria, although it isn't having much impact on the...
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    MF 7475 seat

    Hello, Last year I bought an MF 7475 with 3200 hrs. Going well, but have some side to side free play in the seat of about an inch. Can be annoying at times. Anyway to remedy this? Thanks in advance.
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    Ripper/Subsoiler uplift

    Hello, Recently I purchased a Howard pre ripper which I have attached to the front of our Howard Rotary Hoe. The ripper is purposely built for this model rotary hoe and manufactured in Australia in the 1980s. It is working well and reduces one field working for me. One problem though is the...
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    Potato in row spacing

    Hello, We usually cut our winter planted (spring harvested) potato seed, but plant whole seed now (summer in Australia for winter harvest as the seed tends to break down with the heat and humidity this time of year. Should I be increasing the in row spacing of the whole seed crop compared to...