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    Combination maize drill

    Does anyone use or know how maize drilling works with a precision drill attached to power harrow. 4 rows on a 3 metre harrow?
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    Calves and electric fencing

    Does it work with young calves and electric fencing, thinking of using 2 or 3 strands to turn out some young calves and cows. Will the calves respect it or will it just cause problems?
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    JCB TM 320 Tier5

    What’s the story with JCB this year and delivering new machines TM320 out of stock and no delivery dates or prices on the new Tier5 version as yet! What can we expect and when?
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    New Shear Bucket

    Looking for a new shear bucket and looking for users and opinions on the different brands available. 2 most likely candidates are Albutt or Shelbourne at the moment but open to suggestions.
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    Broadband speed

    Hi all what's the best we can expect from our BT broadband were on fibre to the cabinet which is about a 1 1/2 mile away from the farm. The best we ever get at the moment is about 3.5 mbps. Is this ok or should I be trying to get more, I know the last 1000 metres of cabling has been joined and...
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    Maxammon Grain Treatment

    Anyone using this, am interested but have heard mixed reports about it compared to caustic treated wheat. Seems a lot less hassle and safer than caustic soda. Does it feed as good as they claim.
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    2016 Payments still not received

    We've yet to receive our 2016 payment with the delay being blamed on an inspection last September, just wondering how many others in Wales are also still awaiting payment.
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    Dairy cow 200 lux lighting

    We want to put decent lighting for cows in an old building can it be done with sensibly priced lights or does it have to be all singing agrilight type fittings