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    recommendations for a good pocket knife

    Had one of these until lost…… Fits in pocket well….easy to sharpen and holds its edge really well…. Probably cheaper if shopped around a bit…(Googling)...
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    36ft drawbar bale trailer

    Nothing comes near an artic trailer with a converted dolly… Different matter if you intend to explore very much of Her Majesties Highways. Steady as a rock and highly manoeuvrable. Financially a no brainier.
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    Meat free Bacon at Sainsbury..

    Long time ago in Yf’s one of the counties had YF Sweatshirts with the logo on the back of a Boar and a Sow doing what comes naturally… With the caption….”Makin Bacon” This could be called “Fakin Bacon”...
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    Electric fence help

    First thought would be a larger fault on the live wire than the Earth can defeat…. Dead Short via something metal etc….or a stream etc. Find Fault and increase Earthing capacity. Second thought internal fault on unit. Is there not something built into the units now to reduce the power so if...
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    Jeremy Clarksons new TV show

    Wonder if the BEEB so called Radio Farming Programme would risk an early morning feature on JC’s farm….
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    Jeremy Clarksons new TV show

    Are Gerald and Caleb related?
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    Jeremy Clarksons new TV show

    The Matt Baker take off by JC was a classic! Worth taking a moment to compare BBC Countryfile to JC’s version of the countryside…. La La Land compared to a bit of reality….
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    Jeremy Clarksons new TV show

    Brilliant TV….Clarkson plays the sucker excellently….. Caleb etc are Born naturals…..not the least bit over awed by Clarkson‘s super star status….. Strutts guy ……absolute spot on Land Agent……we have all met one that is identical… Hugely impressed with the NFU’s response when JC was unable to...
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    What can we do if blocked in or out?

    One I heard of...not so easy now with plastic trays under the engine.....slightly slacken the sump plug...just cracked off tight..... Be a few good few miles before things grind to a halt.
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    Isuzu DPF issues again

    Older Mazda diesel saloons have a need for particular oil.....needless to say not cheap...but failure to use it seems to result DPF faults
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    things that make you smile

    Surely the advertiser in this case has “Faith”!
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    Next door farm for sale. What to do??

    Talk to your accountant .....if he has any quantity of Agricultural clients he/she will have as good an idea as anyone as to what’s available. Should have previous experience of driving a good deal.
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    Mule gimmer lambs

    Depends how important “Bonny Heids” are to you.
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    Farming going down with hardly a whimper...

    The governments ambition is no money for anyone or anything to do with farming. Young or Old! Any pretence otherwise, ELM’s or whatever, is nothing more than a smokescreen. A fair wack of the population choose to source their food via Aldi or Lidl.... because it is cheaper to do so. The...
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    Farming going down with hardly a whimper...

    ELMS has nothing to do with financially supporting Agriculture....and everything to do with buying the votes of the ever increasing environmental luvvies brigade...
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    Farming going down with hardly a whimper...

    It won’t run dry...
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    Farming going down with hardly a whimper...

    And all would like a slice of the current £sss Gov. Support that gets paid out direct to Farmers... Looks like they will be subject to collateral damage “Snake Oil Shafting”
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    Farming going down with hardly a whimper...

    You could say in reality that the result of said demonstrations would amount to nothing more than kicking the can down the road. Said “Can” has been kicked down the road ever since we joined the EU....EEC.... UK politicians have bitten the bullet......Subsidies are finished....Elm’s etc. amount...
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    Inverdale Gene (Aberdales)

    Don’t blame the breed.....blame the management....
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    Inverdale Gene (Aberdales)

    So what problems? Prolificacy? Milkiness? Docility? Length? Which one is the problem...... Buy a decent BFL a Blue one not one of the it from some one who Winters their BFLs outside.....not one of the Mollycoddled Showmens specials.... Perhaps one step further...... Buy two or...