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  1. toquark

    Alba Party

    Alex Salmond’s started his own party, a rival to the SNP. Popcorn at the ready, he’ll run rings round Sturgeon.
  2. toquark

    Shelter and rotational grazing

    I’m about to launch a small rotational grazing trial this year. Everything's set up and ready to roll, the only concern I have is the lack of shelter in some of the paddocks. The field is relatively flat and uniform (why it was chosen). Wouldn’t be an issue on days like today but when it’s 2...
  3. toquark

    Moving an underground line

    There’s an armoured cable leading from a transformer in my field to neighbour’s shed about 300m away. We inadvertently dug it up last year when draining, it doesn’t appear on any plans and my neighbour had no idea when it was laid. When I dug it up I called Scottish Power who arrived and told me...
  4. toquark


    Does anyone have any experience growing them commercially? Pitfalls, opportunities etc. I’ve got the offer of some very cheap kit (which in itself may tell it’s own tale...)
  5. toquark

    Not another one

    Ok, so I know its the daily mail and I'm certainly no expert in dairy bull calf rearing but either way this doesn't look good.
  6. toquark

    Small Scale Agri-Enterprise Question

    Hi folks, For a number of years the wife and I have run a small flock of TexX ewes on ground nearby we rented very cheaply from the estate I work for. We've finally managed to get a small place of our own of around 20ac, pretty reasonable quality, dry ground. We had to stretch ourselves to get...
  7. toquark

    Flail Topper Recommendations

    I'm looking to purchase a flail topper. Needs to be fairly heavy duty as would be mainly cutting rushes and roadside vegetation as opposed to pasture. Does anyone have any recommendations? It would be pulled by a 113hp Valtra. Cheers!