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    Germany ban UK visitors .

    Any idea how many passengers are in them compared to last week last month last year etc...?
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    Covid Vaccine Roll out.

    Probably not There appears to be a pattern where Wednesday then Thursday then Friday record higher numbers each week - my assumption because these 3 days pick up more weekday numbers. Best to look back a week to see the relative change day by day over a 7 day period. Lower again today which...
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    EU vaccine role out.

    Thank you for posting - an interesting read!
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    Why brexit can't work

    I’m a nav and have been in all sorts...Ascona 400 seemed to me to have lots of usable power and handled fantastically...a pleasure to read the maps in - it was in the pre-notes era but still a happy couple of seasons.
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    Why brexit can't work

    In my very humble opinion the Ascona 400 was the best car I’ve competed in ...
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    The "I`ve got it" thread...

    Except it’s not 80k/day....the (currently) single 80k day looks more like a catch up from Xmas day when only about 15k were reported...current recent average between 40k and 50k per day...but you could yet be right...
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    The "I`ve got it" thread...

    I wondered why all the regional numbers changed yesterday - thanks for the explanation! Given that all the negatives were recorded as zero at least that means yesterday’s total was an overstatement.