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  1. Sparkymark

    Herd register books

    BCMS are no longer issuing Herd Register books, as all staff are working from home. Does anyone have any they are not needing? Thanks
  2. Sparkymark

    Fencing Staple Gun

    Hi, anyone have a staple gun for sale? Preferably battery powered but compressor one considered. Must be in good condition. Thanks
  3. Sparkymark

    Fencing Staple Gun

    Hi, anyone have a staple gun for sale? Preferably battery powered but compressor one considered. Must be in good condition. Thanks
  4. Sparkymark

    Walking Distance

    How far are you grazing men walking your cows to your furthest fields? I’m toying with the idea of walking my cows to land currently only used for silage and dry stock grazing. To the far end of these fields would result in a walk of 2.6 km from the parlour. No main roads would need to be...
  5. Sparkymark

    Terram and Cow Tracks

    Has anyone successfully used terram rather than hardcore as a sub base on their cow tracks? I have an old dismantled railway on farm so have access to what we call ‘railway ballast’, which is like a sandy gravel which makes a good walking surface for cows. I would normally put a hardcore sub...
  6. Sparkymark

    Saber heat detection/sort gate

    Anybody got one these or looked into it? It works on using kamar type patches that when a cow walks under the camera booth, it drafts them out if they’ve gone red or the patch is missing. The sort gate can also draft cows out that are pre set on the phone app.
  7. Sparkymark

    Which tedder?

    Im looking at getting a new tedder, probably an 8 rotor. Which brand would everyone recommend? Needs to be reliable and good at holding onto its tines. Currently have a 6 rotor Vicon needed trading in.
  8. Sparkymark

    Collecting yard backing gate

    Were just on building a new collecting yard which will be orientated 90 degrees to the back of the parlour. Do backing gates work in this scenario or are they only any good directly behind the parlour where you can see the cows moving up?
  9. Sparkymark

    Establishing wheat after maize

    Has anyone drilled Winter Wheat straight into Maize stubble using a combination drill? Or is it better to plough it over and start a fresh?
  10. Sparkymark

    What breed are these chickens?

    Mys sons school hatched out some chicks for the kids to watch with interest. When they got bigger, his teacher asked my son if his dad would take them home as we are the only farmers in his class. So here they are, can anyone tell me what breeds they are as they all look different? I particulary...
  11. Sparkymark

    Do i need planning permission?

    I am thinking of knocking down some old breeze block buildings that are slowly going derelict. I will be replacing these with a steel framed shed. The new shed will be used for the same job, housing youngstock and will fit on exactly the same footprint as the old buildings. The site is visable...
  12. Sparkymark

    Automatic calf feeders

    Whats everyones opinion on automatic calf feeding machines? Do calves do well on them and save labour, or are they an expensive fad? Theres never been a better time to get one with these grants available. I understand they need teat sanitizing to qualify which may not be a bad thing but it will...
  13. Sparkymark

    CE mark question

    Hi all. How important is the CE mark on sheds? If i have to get planning permission to put a steel framed shed up does the resulting shed need a CE mark on it or can i make it myself with the help of a welder? And if i built it myself would it qualify for insurance cover etc?
  14. Sparkymark

    Big bale haylage price

    What price should i be charging horsey folk for big square bales of haylage? With the price of straw where it is and potential for feed shortages, what should i charge per bale?
  15. Sparkymark

    Average Days In Milk

    For all the AYR calving herds on here. What target would you class as a good herd average DIM? Is it even a KPI you look at or are others more important indicators of herd performance?
  16. Sparkymark

    Whats happening to my wheat?

    Checked on my wheat today and some of the shoots are laying broken off on the ground. Whats causing this? Slugs? Birds? Its worse around the headlands and my oats in the next field dont appear to be affected.
  17. Sparkymark

    Udder Dermititis

    I thought i'd share this picture of a cow we tipped up the crush this morning. This was a particulary bad one one. Were getting more dermititis in the cleft of the udders than we are on feet now. Anyone else experiencing this problem? Or any tips how to prevent/cure it? Currently spraying with...
  18. Sparkymark

    Calf Jackets

    Which calf jackets is everyone using? Are they worth while for the initial cost and effort putting them on/washing them? How long do you leave them on for?
  19. Sparkymark

    Collecting yard size formula

    I'm planning on extending my collecting yard area. Does anyone know of a formula or how many square feet/meters of yard per cow?
  20. Sparkymark

    Post knocker

    Looking for a good second hand post knocker. One where it knocks to the side of the tractor such as a King Hitter. Anything about?