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    They used to do training on my place. That all stopped after we put scare electric wires on all of the dyke and fences.....very hard for their runner to climb over it when i forgot to turn the whole system off for them:D:D:D:D:D
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    Makita battery repairs

    Some of them are only just out of warranty. Seems an excessive waste to just throw them away. Thats why I was asking if anyone had any joy in getting them refurbished.....
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    Makita battery repairs

    I have a bundle of batteries that have been abused and now won't take a charge ( not by me, but by 'helpers' and folks who have borrowed them!! Has anyone had any joy at getting them reconditioned, or tried to do it themselves? The tools are great, but the Makita batteries are a weak point.
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    Steel Frame Building Price & Insulated sheets?

    Have had good experiences of F & G, both in quality supplied and the build teams. The erection quote you have got seems very reasonable.
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    32ml pipe.
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    Tracing through ScotEID?

    Should be able to....if it was sold to you from the breeder. Open your Holding register. Find the on movement of the sheep ( assume you know the date it came on?). It should show the off location for that sheep.
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    Farm Office Flooring

    laminate with electric foil underblanket...... Did mine a few months ago and its brilliant!
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    Can i sell my feed mixes

    Why don't you do the change of diet before they leave your place..... We do a soft weaning, transfer to the buyers diet and do the vaccinations for our buyer. Works really well, with little check to the calves and smooth transfer. At a price of course....
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    Charging Utilities for My time?

    Of course you should charge for your time. And the time of any business partners you discuss the work with. And don't undersell yourself. We do not let any new activities other than emergency repairs take place now without a heads of terms and contractual agreement. Have been stung too many...
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    Posh spice cow owner, in trouble.

    And there's me thinking it was the Limmie cattle that had temperament problems..... Seems they learn from their breeders!
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    Mining crypto

    And there's nothing stopping you from trying to do that.....
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    Mining crypto

    Yep.... that's why even second hard cards are almost impossible to find. Should be possible, but as stated earlier, I am no techie so no idea how!!!
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    Mining crypto

    Stability is key. They use very little data, but do need to be connected all the time otherwise they won't be able to contribute to the pool The rigs i bought from Easy Crypto were all set up ready to go. Simply plug them into a LAN cable and they connect themselves. I am no tech wizard...all I...
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    Mining crypto

    A modern 6 card rig costs £14k or thereabouts. Power consumption 1.8 kW, so 44 units per on a 'normal' 14p per unit about £6 per day in electric. No idea how you work out a depreciation on these rigs... Depending who who you believe anything from 1 to 5 even at 5 years...
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    Mining crypto

    with a 6 month waiting time, that's a really difficult question. I think we are going to see much more regulation coming in soon, with a necessity to report to HMRC ( you currently need to but it is very difficult for them to enforce - mining proceeds are classed as income with value calculated...
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    Mining crypto

    In response to the OP.....apologies, just seen your question. Yes, have come across Easy Crypto, and have bought some kit from them. Reliable, helpful and professional. Currently rigs are set to Etherium, and currently generating around £50 per day for around 40 units electricity burned. Very...
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    Plastic or Concrete water troughs?

    I think Moore are going to get a frosty letter from me soon..... Their literature does say to empty them in harsh weather - unfortunately outwintered cattle still need water!
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    Plastic or Concrete water troughs?

    Certainly is an issue... I have 3 Moores type which were bought last summer cracked over the last winter, and I wouldn't say it was that frosty!! So far the agent and Moores haven't responded to my complaint
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    Largest land parcel?

    Isolation Shepherd, by Iain Thomson
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    In field camera - reasonably secure mobile pole mount

    Was thinking of placing one on my calf creeps....can mount a pole, battery on top. Would let me see the calves, watch the cows, and keep an eye on the cow brushes already mounted onto the creep.....and its easy to move field to field when the cows move.