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    Second hand Kit

    I've been reading that exporting non uk produced product into the EU incurs tariffs. A quick google search hasn't answered the question,are there now tariffs on second hand kit exports?
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    Forage rape

    Is it too late to sow this week ?
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    Hopper size

    If you take an average 500kg bag of wheat what's the difference between a 1100l hopper and a 1500l one can you get two in 1500l ?
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    Drought for cows

    There's a thread in cropping but it's just as relevant to us I'm quite enjoying a dry spell and my grass is still green but for how long. :nailbiting:
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    Loader tractor

    Who makes the best value for money loader tractor 100-140hp. Stability , reliability and resale value key considerations .
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    Maize silage

    This is my maize I usually say silage tests are wrong more often than right, can you get maize with an 12.3me I've not seen one before. I would normally disregard it and call it say 11.9me but my Holstein proteins have shot up to 3.5. I'm thinking I've scope to cut costs what's the collective...
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    Barley for Holsteins

    The price gap between barley and wheat seems to be widening has anybody replaced one for the other in tmr for high yielding cows ? How did it go ?
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    £2.3m dairy

    This weeks fw :eek:
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    @Brisel has the best avatar yet who inspired him ( hopefully not me)
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    The great debate

    I've been an in vote from the start many on tff are for out,no side seem to give an inch. My question is has anybody changed sides or just made up there mind as its the 10% undecided that will swing the vote,the constant head banging on here is going nowhere fast.
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    Cold wind

    I can't make my mind up . I've got grass ,dry ground and sun but a biting cold wind, should I let my young stock out all Holsteins steers and heifers it's just so cold ?
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    Holsteins on ad-lib barley

    How young can you start Holstein steers on barley. What age would you kill them.I also seem to remember that gallstones can be a problem any thoughts ? My current system is being savaged by the new grid I don't get enough O grades at the current prices ,like most things it is a dead duck. I grow...
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    Being positive

    As some one who takes great pride in the quality of my moaning I thought I'd start a thread about things that are positive at the moment . The first thing would be my cows have never looked better some extra condition in the mid lactation girls with a shine on there coats also next to non lame...
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    Due date

    How long can a cow go over due? I've just had one have a monster Holstein 26 days late I thought we must have lost a service date, not something that happens here often.This is the biggest calf I've seen can it really be that late
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    Holstein Bulls

    Who's worked for you ? My best old cows are by picston shottle and comstar outside they both have there faults the main one being they are to big. The in younger cows the outside son Jeeves looks to be the stand out sire. They are that bit smaller, solid cows with better udders and more set...
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    Trioliet solomix 2

    As above are they any good I'm looking at the 16cube
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    Tub mixers and small loads

    Do any of the tub mixers cope with small loads less than 500kg and empty 100%. I'd would prefer one but a kv or a Kuhn horizontal twin auger might be a better bet .I tried a 14 cube Kuhn some time ago which I liked but it could over mix.
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    Milk from grass

    So after maintenance how many litres of milk do you expect from grazing . Dairy co suggest 25 in May last year I worked on 15l this year I'm pushing for 19l 4 fat 3.3 protein from 15kg dm grass. I only graze Incalf cows so appetite may be depressed , with yields from 15-40kg topped up in the...