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    Pickering to Tamworth

    Tractor from Pickering Yorks to Tamworth Staffs if anyone is passing asap. Thanks
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    Looking for a 6920s 50k
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    Mxm 175 pro

    What’s peoples thoughts on a Mxm 175 pro 50k ? My son says there are a few knocking around for sale at reasonable price but I don’t know much about them as I’m a Deere man. Would be interested in peoples thoughts and experiences please. Cheers
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    Car Insurance

    Afternoon have any of you got any recommendations for car insurance for our 17 year old son? He’s bought himself a cheap little car with the plan of insuring it himself to build up his no claims bonus but that’s made it worse as they would rather just have him as a named driver. Either way it’s...
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    Pony/Horse wanted

    We are trying to find a 14.2+ pony for my teenage daughter. Needs to be bomb proof and easy to catch and good with farm traffic. Reasonable priced or loan. My daughter has previous experience with loan pony and has regular lessons so it would have a good home. Petty coat government overruling me...
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    Off Road motorbike

    Looking for a off road scrambler type motorbike for my daughters 15th birthday present 50-125cc must be in good order. Thanks
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    Floor screed

    In the process of converting a barn and it is now time to screed the floor. We have always put 75mm sand and cement screed down but being advised to go for liquid and everyone says it’s perfectly fine to go at 50mm. Have any of you had experience with liquid and would 50mm be ok. It’s over UFH...
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    Tractor test

    My son has his tractor test on Monday so just wondering if anyone has any advice or tips of what to do and what not to do. Thanks
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    Ad lib calf feeder

    Looking for a ad lib calf milk feeder. Must be in gwo and reliable. Thanks
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    Second Hand Shed Value

    We have a 37’ x 46’ x 13’ shed which we are going to sell as it’s in the middle of a yard which we are developing. Painted steel work, wooden purlins, fibre cement roof and fibre cement sheeted level with eaves each end. Buyer to dismantle. Good access and the use of telehandler. Just wondering...
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    Sim only deals

    Anyone found any good sim only deals with Vodafone recently. I need to upgrade 5 phone contracts. Children seem to need loads of data where as I’m still sociable so need mins. Cheers
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    AA Steers

    Looking for AA Steers with named sires weighing around 200kg.
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    Barn conversion insulation

    We are converting a couple of barns into residential at the moment and the SAP calculations have come back stating that we have to use foil backed insulation to meet the u values. Builder has warned me that this plays havoc with internet reception when finished. Anyone encountered this problem...
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    We have a patch of land that we have grassed down and use as fallow but then usually cut it for silage or hay first week of July. Question is could I cut it , ted it and get it ready as hay this week and then bale it on the 1st July? So I won’t be harvesting the crop until after the closed period.
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    Winter oats

    Haven’t bothered with Oats for years but got some this time. How much N is safe without them going down do you all reckon please. They are looking pretty good at the moment and have had 75 units/ ac. Cheers
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    Parlour Jars

    We have 12 parlour jars for sale each with a 32L capacity. Open to offers. Other bits and bobs from parlour also available so just ask. Cheers
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    Parlour for sale

    Fullwood 12/12 parlour for sale. 7gal/32L jars, plate cooler, vacuum front gates, rationmaster feeders (which have rotted through but control box good) acr’s, good plastic feed troughs, steelwork in reasonably good condition, milk pump and vacuum pump.
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    AA Steers wanted

    We are looking for a bunch of reared and weaned AA Steers. Preferably vaccinated and weighing around 130kg. Cheers
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    Drills: Accord -

    Drills: Accord - Category: Drills Manufacturer: Accord Price: £4250 Condition: Used Description: Accord/Lely 3M combination. Good working order. Club tines which are about 50% good packer. Drill has hyd markers, pre em markers following harrow and disc coulters. It was an Andrew Guest...
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    4 M Combination Drill

    We need to get a 4 M Combination Drill from HU15 1RJ East Yorks to B76 9JD North Warks preferably in the next week to 10 days. Both postcodes near to motorway junctions. If anyone interested please could you pm me. Cheers