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  1. Ali_Maxxum

    Solar flood lights?

    Have seen a few of these popping up lately. Has anyone got some/experience of them? Ones to avoid, etc. Have seen some very impressive looking ones online at what seems not bad money but from places I've not really heard of before. Tempted to just try one that Screwfix have for now.... And...
  2. Ali_Maxxum

    Electric fan on tractor engine?

    Pros/cons? Has anyone retro fitted an electric fan to a machine? Or specced a new one with one? Have always thought they should work more efficiently? Assume great in a car with good continuous air flow on the road but certainly maybe not so with a tractor in the middle of a hot dusty...
  3. Ali_Maxxum

    Loader brackets/front linkage visibility?

    So, A question for owners/users with front loader and front linkage combination. I've not used either as a combination, only ever either or. As I do a lot of front flail work, quite often in small patches and plenty of obstacles and tight access, my main concern is the loader brackets...
  4. Ali_Maxxum

    Michelin or Trelleborg?

    Which would you choose? On a new tractor. Any user experiences welcome. Could have Mitas again but happy to pay the extra. Not interested in Firestone. BKT not an option. Have driven tractors with both on 650/540 sizes. I've never felt too safe on Michelins on banks, whether they've been pumped...
  5. Ali_Maxxum

    Vicon 2 bag wagtail.

    Desperately after a 2 bag Vicon wagtail. Ideally a 1354. 2 bag/1200kg capacity. Must be good condition. Have looked absolutely everywhere so far. Picture for attention.
  6. Ali_Maxxum

    Cover crops/maize - no ploughing.

    Might be taking on the ground/planting work for a shoot in the spring, about 10ac total in about 5 patches. However, like anything I ever seem to come across, nothing is ever straight forward.... Flail off the old maize/cover crops. Spray off any new stuff that pops up 2weeks or so before...
  7. Ali_Maxxum

    Re-seeding hay field, best method?

    A customer of mine has asked me to re-seed their 2 main hay fields. We rarely re-seed large areas, we normally just do patches which we rotavate. However for this job I'm obviously going for ploughing. I've spoken to a couple of different people and their methods do vary quite a bit. It's only...
  8. Ali_Maxxum

    Cool lunch boxes/bags.

    So, it has quickly got to that time of year where I'm spending a lot of hours on the tractor, I've had enough of old ice cream tubs and warm drinks and sandwiches and melted chocolate bars.... So, naturally I've looked for the green classic Stanley Aladdin lunch/cool box only to find they have...
  9. Ali_Maxxum

    Very generous JCB.

    Apologies if this has already been covered somewhere, or if it should be in the 'Brexit and Politics' section. I've just read an online article about the speech Boris Johnson made at JCB HQ, Stafford. He was 'donated' £10,000 for the 25 minute speech obviously re. Brexit, mentioning JCB...
  10. Ali_Maxxum

    D&A Kidd, Cumbria.

    Any body deal/had any dealings with them? Possibly going to look at a machine they've got there, a long way for us to go but hopefully it'll be worth it. Look to have a lot of decent 2nd hand kit to be fair, always seen them advertised, seen a few good reviews and found one thread on here from...
  11. Ali_Maxxum

    Maschio flail toppers.

    Anyone got one? Or used one? Looking at a new 2.5m Bisonte or a Bufalo. The two are identical from what I can gather other than the Bufalo has a slightly different head stock and bit heavier drive for 200hp machines and is about 250kg heavier. I'm running 130hp 4 pot with f/l and pto. Mainly...
  12. Ali_Maxxum

    Tractors/roads... here we go yet again. Popped up on Facetube.... I know we've had this times before but.... just how long till we end up in the shizzle?
  13. Ali_Maxxum

    Winter storage - machinery.

    As title says, primarily hay/forage kit. Mowers, tedders, rakes, balers, etc. Do you wash, grease and put away at end of season for the winter, or put it away as they finish, then wash and grease at the start of the next season? As I see a lot of both so wondered what the advantages are of...
  14. Ali_Maxxum

    New Case IH Maxxum range.

    Looks as if it's been put on today. For anyone that is interested. Promo Obviously just a baby Puma/Optum. Looks could probably quickly grow. Vastly improved lighting, higher hp, better engine again, no doubt a good bit...
  15. Ali_Maxxum

    Tedders... again.

    Yes, I know it's the first of June tomorrow - what a time to be asking, right? Looking at a 6 rotor Kuhn GF 582. 642 will be a little bit too big, only about 3ft wider but that makes all the difference in some of the places I have to go! Anybody used one or got one? Like the idea of the small...
  16. Ali_Maxxum

    Complete re-seed method.

    Next week we've a 3 acre field to completely re-seed back to grass. Current sward is very old and tired, full of weeds and moss, very little actual grass. It's not a big patch I know but it provides my customers winter feed for their highland cattle (or at least it used to, hence the need to...
  17. Ali_Maxxum

    New grass ley.

    Hello all, hopefully put this in the right bit... Been asked to do a total re-seed of a field we make hay on, current crop is old, tufty, patchy and coarse. Owner wants new grass with a bit of life and clover, I've found some seed that's suitable so that's no problem. I've got someone to do...
  18. Ali_Maxxum

    Tractor contract hire/leasing

    Looking at changing a 10yr old tractor with 8000hrs which is used for agricultural contracting. But rather than chopping and buying new on finance. I thought it would be better to sell to dealer and go for a 3-5yr contract hire. Simple reason being the tractor is no longer fit for purpose and is...