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    Meat free Bacon at Sainsbury..

    Long time ago in Yf’s one of the counties had YF Sweatshirts with the logo on the back of a Boar and a Sow doing what comes naturally… With the caption….”Makin Bacon” This could be called “Fakin Bacon”...
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    Ground Source Heating

    Ground Source What area of land would be needed to heat a 3 to 4 bedroom house. House is very old.....(very old!) so limited on the insulation front. ( restrictions on what can be done) Currently has CH Radiators throughout.
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    Fodder Beet.....winter hardy?

    Looks attractive. Just how winter hardy is it? Will it stand frost in the field? How cold and how long for? Interested in feeding inlamb ewes Feb March.......obviously feeding in situ is the attractive option against lifting and dropping off in field for the ewes.