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  1. happycows

    Crypto in calves.

    Calved first 20 of 100 fine no problems then had couple scour really bad. Didn’t mess about and got tested. Everything else clear but definite crypto in all 3 calves tested and didn’t come as a surprise as we vaccinate and are sticklers for colostrum, Was pulling my hair out. Every single calve...
  2. happycows

    The hoof GP

    After watching his videos on Facebook for 6 months and really enjoying them I’ve just coughed up £299 plus vat and bought his full course. I spent good few years looking over trimmers shoulder’s. Some I liked some I didn’t and then 8 years doing my own, I’ve never had any proper training...
  3. happycows

    Abnormal presentation

    Helped a friend for 2 weeks doing night lambing on 550 Suffolk mules last month. Loads of legs back and backwards from beginning to end. We started calving heifers last week and those stupid buggers are no better. Out of first 10, 2 breaches and 3 one leg back. Any theories?
  4. happycows

    3 yo pedigree Limo bull

    Proven young bull. Used to sweep up on our small dairy herd last autumn and got last 15/16 in calf with no fuss. Had no special treatment. Just been on silage and then grass last the 3 weeks. In his working clothes ready to take on more duties. Lies in cubicle’s and spent the winter running...
  5. happycows

    Kemper cargo parts.

    Random off chance anyone knows where there’s a scrap one please? looking for some parts thanks
  6. happycows

    Cathedral City

    Not my milk buyer but our usual daily cheese of choice by Mrs HC for cheese sandwiches at lunch/lunch boxes or cooking with like cauliflower cheese and lasagna. Must say it has changed remarkably. Dryer and more crumbly. Also quite a bit stronger of late to the point tonight I said I think it’s...
  7. happycows

    English springer spaniel pups

    Beautiful Litter of working kc registered springer pups. Docked and dew clawed. 2 b/w bitches 1 l/w bitch and 3 l/w dogs. Not ready until early June. From local proven working lines. Strong breeding and not stupid crazy. Bred for stamina! Mum and Dad picking up and and beating several days a...
  8. happycows

    Cotswold 10 gallon water heater

    Will put on a pallet if required. Tested and working. Ideal udder wash or calves. £350. Message for more details Thanks
  9. happycows

    Johnes scheme.

    Arla deadline for management plan end of the month. Flying herd with everything’s too beef. Any idea what the bare minimum I can get away with? Really don’t want to waste my money testing but am I forced too? Thanks
  10. happycows

    Why are UK calves worth so much less.

    While on the Holland/Belgium border selecting heifers a couple weeks ago 2 lorry loads of Irish fresian bull calves turned up. About 500 in total. Talking to them they were £150 each delivered and destined for veal probably ending up in restaurants in Spain, Greece or Portugal. Meanwhile in our...
  11. happycows

    Slurry Guzzler.

    Is anyone still making them? Considering a second hand one (again) but galvanised instead of previous yellow one. Was always high maintenance with sand and wondering if parts are still obtainable although bearings etc will be fairly standard. Chap at Latham was always extremely helpful and...
  12. happycows

    Pedigree 20mth old limousin bull

    Bought too sweep up a few bulling heifers last autumn which he did fine. Now surplus too requirements. Been outside Upto November. Had a little blend but not been pushed at all and cubicles trained. Tested ready too go. £2300 North west Devon
  13. happycows

    Flexible calf house.

    Looking for calf housing for beef calves before market up to 42 days from April till September. Don’t want individual hutches. These could be cleaned out with skid steer easily. Will be on hardcore base with woodchip and straw for drainage. 24ft by 12ft. Any thoughts at £1080
  14. happycows

    Worthless calves.

    The subject nobody wants too mention and your milk buyers would rather keep quite. Truth is there are lots of calves out there not worth the money they’ve cost on current trade. I sold a mixed pair of month old fleckvieh twins 2 weeks ago for £5 each and actually cost me too sell them. They’d...
  15. happycows

    Agrotel cosy home calf housing.

    Any thoughts on this?? Really struggled with calves this summer. Will be only in use from April too September then packed away. I like the fact I can completely move location maybe to field or wood chip pad and the plastic walls can be disinfected better than wood stock board. Been considering...
  16. happycows

    25 fleckvieh x Holstein summer born heifers

    By good Ai sires (Imperative and Evergreen) and few by our own very good imported stock bull that’s thrown some lovely heifers that are now calving. Only reason for sale is lack of land/feed. We are heading towards a flying herd now although there will be some heifer calves next early summer...
  17. happycows

    The premier collection

    Anyone spend extra for the ‘elite’ end beef bulls on there cows. No doubt they will come with a premium price tag but you’d hope you might get some market topping calves. Lodge Hamlet looked a nice limo and some beasts of blues with names I can’t pronounce... Or are they just cow killers...
  18. happycows

    Anyone ditched youngstock and regretted it?

    As above. I’ve always believed in being responsible for your own replacements but..... I’m way overstocked on youngstock and this summer, although I’ve managed ok has hit home that I can’t continue adding ever more stock without additional land, and I’m not keen on trying too Farm twice the land...
  19. happycows

    Britmilk milk maid 2000

    Used for 3 years with good results. Very reliable, simple,straight forward Ad-lib machine too use. Big bag of spares included and calf teats. Can do lambs too. Will hold good 25kgs of any powder, doesn’t have too be free flow. Just rearing more calves in a tighter block so gone once a day big...
  20. happycows

    V Mac wide tote feed hopper/bin

    Flip lids. Indoor or outdoor. Adjusting height legs and bagging off flap. Will hold 2 tons of cake, slightly less blend. 2.4m wide. Fill with loader/skidsteer/telehandler. Can be moved when full with pallet forks. I’ve got another in daily use on a feed auger but this ones not been used for 18...