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    Robotic milking

    Got to be a viable option at some time but is battery storage commercially available at a realistic price and with a long enough lifespan?
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    Combination maize drill

    Like the look of that, front press under the hopper looks a good idea to take the weight off.
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    Combination maize drill

    Does anyone use or know how maize drilling works with a precision drill attached to power harrow. 4 rows on a 3 metre harrow?
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    Calves and electric fencing

    Turned them out a few days ago with 3 strands and seems to be working fine cows were trained last year and the calves seem to be behaving themselves. Thanks for the help will see how it goes as they get older
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    Calves and electric fencing

    Does it work with young calves and electric fencing, thinking of using 2 or 3 strands to turn out some young calves and cows. Will the calves respect it or will it just cause problems?
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    slurry storage costs

    Looking for companies to provide a quote for a slurry liner for a 1.5 m gallon earth bank, any good, bad or ugly to contact or not!!
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    Ag Colleges for son

    Why bother with college, I always wished I’d worked on 4 farms for a year each instead of a 3 year sandwich course and a year in Australia and NZ. I met some fantastic people and gained far more from the farms I worked on than you could ever in any of the colleges in the uk.
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    JCB TM 320 Tier5

    Is the problem that JCB is too dependent on parts and components all coming in from the likes of China that it ends up causing delays in the development and production of their machines?
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    JCB TM 320 Tier5

    What’s the story with JCB this year and delivering new machines TM320 out of stock and no delivery dates or prices on the new Tier5 version as yet! What can we expect and when?
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    JCB TM310 Agri

    Double check the battery ours died completely with no warning on the TM with the same symptoms as you describe
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    New Shear Bucket

    Looking for a new shear bucket and looking for users and opinions on the different brands available. 2 most likely candidates are Albutt or Shelbourne at the moment but open to suggestions.
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    Supermarkets save the day

    It depends how long this goes on for supermarkets are the heroes, closely followed by the hauliers and processors. Farmers won’t be heroes in all of this until the food imports start to dry up and home produced food is in demand!!
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    Grain maize

    Looking for a header for grain maize for a John Deere combine to try and get the last of ours that we didn’t cut for forage if anyone knows of one to buy or hire at sensible money, thinking it’s probably better crimped that foraged for our own use now!!
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    Claas Volto 770 gearboxes

    Manual says no maintenance required but each gearbox should have 200mls of liquid grease, this is worth checking from new as I know of a couple of machines with knackered gearbox’s that never had grease from new!!!
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    Grass seed shortage.

    Anyone on here done any of their own Italian seed, got a few fields of last years reseeds that have gone to head after first cut in may and look right for combining for seed
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    Advice needed on gps

    I may have a basic black box for sale I’ll check it out in the morning if you’re interested
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    New JCB TM420

    Is it going to have enough power with only same engine as the 320, it is the main thing that restricts our 310s on the clamp 145hp doesn't seem like enough in what looks like a lot heavier machine
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    Whole of Wales to be designated NVZ zone?

    There have been in the past schemes available for new and enlarged storage as and when nvz's in England and Scotland have been introduced, my interpretation of the announcement today is that there may be some scheme's that could be introduced in Wales to help us manage the problem of nitrates...
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    Whole of Wales to be designated NVZ zone?

    We've been struggling with our current storage for years because it is such a pita to build new storage and comply with planning/EA regs and to have to do it without any financial support which is available only 20 miles away over the border
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    Whole of Wales to be designated NVZ zone?

    Does this now mean that the power's that be will introduce a sensible, and accessible grant scheme for useful things like slurry stores instead of the current scheme which largely seems to be a publicity exercise