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    Makita battery repairs

    I have a bundle of batteries that have been abused and now won't take a charge ( not by me, but by 'helpers' and folks who have borrowed them!! Has anyone had any joy at getting them reconditioned, or tried to do it themselves? The tools are great, but the Makita batteries are a weak point.
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    Cost of a sheep caesarian.....

    So, whats the going rate for one of these? And are they worth it in a commercial flock.....
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    Best FIT Licensee

    Just wondering who folks rate best FIT licensee..... Was originally with Tradelink, who became Solarplicity ( who went bust!), then I moved to Good Energy who have got 6 out of my last 7 payments wrong, or paid them late, or have queried my output levels and delayed payment!!! So, who are you...
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    Waste plastic compactor/baler

    Has anyone got any views on best machines? LSM looks decent - but haven't asked them for a price yet.....