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  1. chester

    Stihl strimmer difficult to start

    Got the strimmer out to tidy yard up and was tricky to start and when it did fire up it would idle but as soon as you try to open the throttle it would stop.Any suggestions on what I should try or do I just take it to local lawn mower guy?
  2. chester

    Is a Fendt 720 the same as a 724?

    Are they the same mechanically with different software to produce the different amounts of power? If so could you buy a 720 and chip/map it to produce the same hp as a 724?
  3. chester

    Build me a light weight 16t root crop trailer

    Need trailers to transport potatoes and cereals but ideally something that only weighs 4.5t empty which is a big ask I know but if you don’t ask you don’t get. Have a 13t Norton trailer that was new in 1993 and although only lightly built is still in use. So if you are only using the trailer for...
  4. chester

    Trimble FMX

    Have the above and it seems to loose Gps signal easily when going under trees and takes several minutes to regain signal. It only has 8 satellites in the middle of the field. How can we get it receiving more satellites? We are near Taunton FYI.
  5. chester

    Arbochip required

    Looking for a supply of arbochip for my big bale boiler. Currently using about 3t a week, needs to be below 25%DM ideally but I could take green and dry it possibly. Can take artics.
  6. chester

    Light weight 14t root crop

    We have 14t Bailey root crops are present and find the unladen weight of over 6.5t plenty enough. Maybe they are over engineered for carrying potatoes and corn as that what we use them for. Does anyone know who would make a lighter weight root crop ? It would be better for us not to be pulling...
  7. chester

    Lightest 16T root trailer

    Are there any good but light weight root trailers on the market? We have 14t Bailey root crop trailers and they weigh 6.5t empty , which seems a lot of dead weight to be hauling around if we don’t really need the strength, as they are only hauling grain and potatoes.
  8. chester

    Gps Pilot loosing signal

    We have a Lexion 760 13 plate with Class Gps Pilot using egnos.It works really well when it is receiving satellite signal but when you turn at the end the grain tank seems to block the signal and it won’t work, worse with a full tank. Class say the receiver needs to be replaced with a more up to...
  9. chester

    Weaving tine drill trash clearance

    Thinking of getting a used three row Weaving tine drill to use on worked stubbles when they are wet, how to they cope with trash? Would they drill into worked maize stubble?
  10. chester

    Adding furrow to Kverneland LM85

    We have a 5 furrow version of the above and I know it is not recommended but would adding a sixth furrow be out of the question ? We would only be pulling it with 160hp and tractors have damped linkage now which helps reduce the shock loads .Really like the plough and does a cracking job , but...
  11. chester

    Weaving drill toolbar

    What are these like? Thinking it would perform two roles, first one after ploughing when it gets really wet we could put it on the rear linkage of our 4m Kuhn and second like now when its too wet for our Sky to go on soft wet pre cultivated ground when we could use it on a light tractor as a...
  12. chester

    Rumptstad Plough

    Anyone know where I can find more info on one of these pl Like the idea but can't find a website or importer.
  13. chester

    Lexion 760 linseed rotors

    We may be getting a used Lexion 760 and it has linseed rotors fitted which we could possibly have changed for ordinary ones. Been told by the rep ordinary rotors are gentler on the straw and slightly more efficient at separating the grain from the straw. We don't grow linseed at present so would...
  14. chester

    Drain jetter hose

    Any one know where I can get some replacement hose for my drain jetter ? Got a price for the genuine stuff and it is £4m ,so £1200 for the whole amount. Chap said there is only one factory that produce it. It is 27mm diameter and 3.5mm wall thickness, RDPE.
  15. chester

    Drain jetter pipe

    As soon as we try and put any pressure down the hose it splits,but it is 20years old.So where do I get some new hose?Do I buy original from Homburg or just search the internet for the cheapest.Need 300m
  16. chester

    Plastic mudguards

    Where can I buy a pair of mud guards like this please, other than Bailey trailers.
  17. chester

    Claas 2Xl to 4XL auger

    Looking at changing our combine and seems sensible to try and go to harvest CTF and 30 m tramlines and 10.5m header would suit our system. Have found a Claas 760 with 10.5m header that ticks all the boxes except it has a 2XL auger on and believe we need a 4XL so we can stay on the tramlines at...
  18. chester

    Light weight 16t trailer

    Looking for the above to transport potatoes and grain entailing quite a lot of road work. See Stewart do a aluminium one, any other suggestions ?
  19. chester

    Kuhn 4m combination

    Finished drilling, so this drill now surplus to requirements, pm for more details.
  20. chester

    Kuhn 4m folding combi drill 2009 with front M620 hopper

    Going look at the above drill tomorrow, would be going on a Valtra T214 any tips and user experience would be welcome. Are they good in the wet ? Are the new versions much better ? TIA