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  1. The Agrarian

    Northern Ireland Centenary 🇬🇧

    Happy Centenary one and all, regardless of your political affiliation! May we endeavour to improve upon the difficult work of building peace and prosperity for our people's, in this day and the years to come. May I urge you to treat this page with respect.
  2. The Agrarian

    Legality of livestock ownership

    My question is what confers ownership of farm livestock? Example Dairy herd. Partnership, mainly for tax purposes. No written partnership agreement. Anything which has a way of naming the owner (like a tractor, on the V5 doc) is presumably clear cut. A calf born on the farm was not bought...
  3. The Agrarian

    Restraint for serving maiden heifers... Newton rigg cubicles? Yes, I know someone's going to come on and say you shouldn't be trying do that. It's older adapted housing, far from ideal. No convenient crush facility. Nowhere to hang an ai gate. Not possible to use locking yokes. I'm trying to figure out how to make some...
  4. The Agrarian

    Factories and Covid19

    It seems most weeks there is an outbreak at some food factory or other. Whether or not it is an actual outbreak, rather than that Covid has simply been discovered there due to lots of testing on the back of a case with symptoms, is another matter. After all, every food factory probably has a...
  5. The Agrarian

    Can exhaust brake be retrofitted? an older model without it? I'm talking NH t6070 and TM models.
  6. The Agrarian

    More retail pressure Can only be bad news for us.
  7. The Agrarian

    Selling off the UK

    It's been going on for decades of course. But in a cynical move, last night at 10pm, after it thought everyone had gone home for Christmas, the government announced it's approval of the sale of Cobham to a US firm. Cue the sale of British agriculture and health... Discuss.
  8. The Agrarian

    What weight of cable?

    I've got a digger in to run some services to a small shed. It will only have lights, kettle, oven and other minor devices. No motors etc. The run is about 25 metres from the switch board. What weight of armoured cable should I lay down? Thanks
  9. The Agrarian

    A significant day for democracy in Northern Ireland

    Today our assembly has been recalled for the first time in over 1000 days. Follow the developments here...
  10. The Agrarian

    De Souza case Some people truly have gone mad. Wanting to apply for rights for a foreign husband on the strength of his relationship to you, even though you refuse to hold the identity of the country you were born and reared in. Seriously?
  11. The Agrarian

    Identifying an insect

    What's this?
  12. The Agrarian

    Smacking ban scotland

    As above I'm against.
  13. The Agrarian

    Operation Banner
  14. The Agrarian

    Which screws for aluminium cladding?

    I'm reusing some 2nd hand poultry cladding, and have been warned not to use steel nails or screws, as they will react with the sheet and rot a hole around nail. Finding the right type of screw or nail at builders merchants hasn't proved be simple. None are very sure of the right answer. Can...
  15. The Agrarian

    Today in Parliament

    Just reviewing the news today regarding the Northern Ireland bill to bring forward same sex marriage and abortion if there's no assembly by October. Gavin Robinson was quoted as saying that if the assembly was running tomorrow, the DUP wouldn't have the numbers to stop it anyway. But, on a...
  16. The Agrarian

    Customs Union

    So Ken Clarke's suggestion is getting a bit of coverage at the moment. For those of you who have looked into this, what are the con's? Unable to make our own trade deals? Looks like that isn't going to come to much as it is anyway. Must stay in regulatory alignment? We'll need to do that...
  17. The Agrarian

    chlorothalonil ban

    How much of a problem does this present to you cropping guys? An article in the guardian says it's tye most widely used pesticide in the UK. Sounds bad.
  18. The Agrarian

    Antibiotic resistance

    I'm sure most of you will recognise this old timer. 157 day meat withdrawal these days, presumably why it disappeared off the shelves in favour of marbocyl. Long story short. Results back from a calf P.M. and lab culture revealed that the E. coli which killed it via navel ill is was...
  19. The Agrarian

    The trade deals that sooner or later will be done

    Looking beyond the sticky withdrawal matter - to the real business of making money flow. I for one have no faith that the government will act in a way that protects agricultural sectors. From a dairy perspective, we are net importers. A free trade deal in dairy products with lower cost...
  20. The Agrarian

    Merc ML250 reliability

    As per title, what do you guys and girls know about the 4cyl version? Looking at something probably in the 75k region, and to possibly put the same again onto it before selling on. 200hp is quite a lot for that small engine. How does the airsuspension last? Is it a liability on an old...