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    Mitsubishi mt21 parts

    I'm looking for a crown wheel and pinion for a Mitsubishi Mt 21 compact tractor and struggling does anyone have any idea who deals with these or breakers that may have the parts I need thanks in advance
  2. Agri–Mechanics

    Massey 8110 gearbox were doing

    Were stripping a Massey 8110 after it's broken a synchro gear on low range that's managed to few it's way through 4wd transfer box and output shaft gears nice little job but I'd love a simple service just once in a while
  3. Agri–Mechanics

    David brown 990 trans clutch won't disengage

    We've just picked up a clutch job on a dB 990 someone else stripped we've put a new transmission clutch in it and refit however it won't release. The fingers are pushed in when the clutch is off and there's a massive gap between the clutch fingers and bearing it only just contacts the fingers on...
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    Looking for his pump

    Can anyone recommend anyone to supply a hiab pump for a Renault truck photo is one that was on it but struggling to find a replacement
  5. Agri–Mechanics

    Waking the beast

    Todays job re sealing track tensioner replaced track pads and rear drive sprocket new fuel lines filters and fired the old girl up after ten years..
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    T670i engine trouble

    Got a call on Saturday to check out this combine. Fitters had put a head gasket on it. It did a day then the oil light came on and there was no oil pressure. John deere tech had looked at it and told the guy it was a problem with the head gasket and an o ring wasn't put in correctly on the head...
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    Sanderson 623 injector pump

    I'm looking for an injector pump for Sanderson 623 with ford engine electric stop rotary pump
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    Farm trackers

    I'm thinking of signing up and supplying farm trackers to farm machinery if anyone in the north east would be interested please get in touch. Came about as my wife's car was broken into last week outside the house. As well as stealing all the loose change in the car he stole her police tracker...
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    French farms ex pat farmers France

    Were looking to return to France in September to do a little work on a farm in Limoges, if we can be of use to any french farmers or ex pat farmers looking to get repair work done on their tractors or machinery please get in touch all work carried out from servicing clutches, transmission...
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    Few from this week

    4455 going together slowly and fighting every step of the way cab going on on Thursday then the big test new powershift fitted our biggest job to date...
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    Ford 5000 engine

    Does anyone know what the circled connection usually runs too doing Sanderson engine with a ford engine, this connection is not connected and is throwing oil out , could I block it off or does it need to be connected to something
  12. Agri–Mechanics

    Buyer beware

    These are a few shots of a head gasket job we did yesterday on a case. I had the head skimmed, new valve seats fitted and during the final stage of installing the head we noticed the oil feed pipe to the turbo had been welded shut.. I had a word with the owner who had told us they bought the...
  13. Agri–Mechanics

    Few jobs from this week

    Case blowing through crank case. Sanderson transmission fault worn clutch pack. Broken studs on a Honda exhaust system Old deutz serviced and a clutch on a 135 no photos yet. Busy week thankfully
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    Supplier for sanderson t4 2014 clutch pack

    Looking for a supplier for shuttle clutch pack kit. Can any one suggest anyone please
  15. Agri–Mechanics

    Looking For Work Mechanic mobile

    Fully Mobile great rates north east based will travel Scottish Borders to Midlands no job too big or small call 07984449460
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    John Deere 4455 powershift fault

    Our first John Deere powershift strip down 24 hours in. Parts are now being ordered, before the rebuild starts. There's only three tables full of parts?
  17. Agri–Mechanics

    Kubota 100 hp transmission noise forward only

    Stripped this down today looking for a rumble when moving forward found the culprit to be a chipped tooth on the input shaft new parts ordered
  18. Agri–Mechanics

    This week's challenge

    Tested this week I got dropped in the deep end with this case had been stripped down by a lesser mortal all bolts scattered to the winds hydraulic clutch plates in no order and thrown about the bench I had a box full of parts missing bolts extra spring plates and shims in the old hydraulic...
  19. Agri–Mechanics

    Sanderson 623 teleporter help please

    I was called out to this today the guy is an 80 year old that's been struggling on with this machine for a while it devoloped a fault overnight it stopped working in forward when I checked it today it was trying to reverse in neutral reverses in reverse but absolutely nothing in forward I...
  20. Agri–Mechanics

    Making the best of a bad situation

    Lasted a day with nothing to do so chanced my arm managed to get a few parts on Monday so took the angle grinder and welder to the van chopped out and renewed front sills and side step sods law had an enquiry this afternoon about a sanderson tele porter not going forwards so bit of a rush to get...