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  1. l'ordinary bonville

    Autumn manure banned

    I,ve heard down the grapevine that the EA are banning autumn slurry and solid muck applications as AHDB have told them there is no crop justification for applications of N or manur containing N apart from on osr This effectively means all and any livestock manures or digestate cannot be...
  2. l'ordinary bonville

    Accelerated loss of mains change program

    Just had a letter from N Power about this saying we need to change some relays or components on our solar system. Roof mounted 24kw installed 5 years ago. Anyone else had this or similar? I've no idea what they are "requiring" us to do These panels are the single most unsexy investment i've...
  3. l'ordinary bonville

    Tine direct drill into messy stubble

    Have started sowing cover crops into a very weedy barley stubble that was sprayed off pre harvest. Drill is a new Dale. I’m having trouble with dragging dead weed and straw essentially turning the drill into a giant rake. have tried topping the stubble which helps a little and also a light disc...
  4. l'ordinary bonville

    PC in a tractor for Gatekeeper

    I'm fed up with the half baked Greenlight Grower and coming to the realisation that Gatekeeper is the only capable program out there. But it's lack of cloud means it needs to be installed on a windows pc. Since I spend my time split between home office, farm office, tractor, car, combine I am...
  5. l'ordinary bonville

    Shooting on Sunday

    Is shooting crows legal on sundays and bank holidays? Game shooting isn’t and obviously lots of clay shooting happens on sundays. Just looking for clarification
  6. l'ordinary bonville

    DD drill for damp conditions

    I use the term "damp" with caution as it might never dry up this autumn. We are or were due to demo a Dale, Avatar, Sprinter and Sky but conditions aren't favourable. Most of the land has had a "scratch" with a disc or shallow tine and that would probably happen going forward. On our heavy but...
  7. l'ordinary bonville

    McDon flex draper or similar

    Anyone running this type of header? How successful are they on flat laid corn? Are lifters needed with them How do people harvest laid corn on very wide 30'+ headers?
  8. l'ordinary bonville

    Uneven chopped straw

    We will have a very uneven stubble this year due to very laid corn, difficult harvest and lots of stopping and reversing with combine when chopping. In my quest to move less soil I was aiming for a single pass (or 2) with a shallow disc before daddy drilling no front discs/tines engaged...
  9. l'ordinary bonville

    Driving license telehander plus trailer

    I’ve been made aware this morning that it is illegal to tow a trailer behind a telescopic loader unless in possession of a trailer towing license for younger drivers. Tractors fine as they are an ag vehicle but apparently not loaders. Older driving licences not affected. Anyone know...
  10. l'ordinary bonville

    Complete Crop Recording Software

    I have just started using Greenlight Grower but find it very poor to use. You cannot record a sowing on the mobile app but you can record a whole plethora of useless field activities, like apply sunscreen, dead wooding, fire breaks. Why make it hard to do the obvious things we really need to...
  11. l'ordinary bonville

    iPad in tractor

    I am coming round to the idea of logging all arable activity on green light grower as it happens and even logging loads of muck delivered to field heaps, time spent ditching hedging fencing topping etc. To achieve this I need to mount an iPad in each tractor permanently or at least keep in a...
  12. l'ordinary bonville

    Fully slatted B & B accommodation required

    I am looking for interested farmers who would consider finishing pigs on slats in multiples of 1000 pigs. I have loads of experience in building and sourcing buildings and equipment and also managing growing pigs. Looking for long term partnerships to be beneficial to both partners. Anybody...
  13. l'ordinary bonville

    Sumo quatro forward speed.

    New 3m quatro here on clay loams. If sufficient power is available what is the ideal speed? Currently 10-11k limited by power but thinking 12-12.5 may be better. How fast is too fast?
  14. l'ordinary bonville

    New spray store building

    I am intending to house my sprayer under cover and in an insulated building and also converting a corner of a larger shed into a spray store. I have virtually as much space as required. Things I would like to include are: Sunken floor with ramp in roller shutter doorway, Insulation, lighting...
  15. l'ordinary bonville

    LED trailer lights

    New trailer bought last year the indicators don't flash in the tractor to prove the trailer lights are working. Older filament bulb trailer works fine. Flashes only if working Surely this is unsafe as you don't know what the car behind can see
  16. l'ordinary bonville

    Situation Vacant Tractor driver/ arable operator

    Experienced and talented operator required for main arable roles, spraying,fertiliser, drilling and harvest. Permanent position for the right candidate. World beating yields achieved here on cereals/OSR and the role will suit genuine combinable cropping enthusiasts. Harvest position also...
  17. l'ordinary bonville

    Private 3g hub

    Anybody doing this? We have wifi around 2 farms but it is so hit and miss, especially inside insulated buildings. To improve it could end up very expensive. I end up relying on 3g off the phone for computer stuff and using teamviewer to get back to desktops from my mobile. Also getting hold...
  18. l'ordinary bonville

    Keith Challen should buy a bike

    Having read his arrival in this weeks yellow peril I find myself at odds (unusually) with his sentiment. I suppose the lanes of belvoir belong to him and cyclists should all find a busy trunk road to ride on. Is it that time of year again when all the different road users lack understanding...
  19. l'ordinary bonville

    Tramlining at 32m

    I've been at 28m for 10 years now with a 4m drill. This has made for easy tramlining with 7 passes of the drill and no issues with the outside run. Moving to 32m means an even number of passes but what do others do for the outside headland run? I know some just go with half width on drill...
  20. l'ordinary bonville

    Emailed invoices

    Just wondering how others deal with invoices these days. We get the majority of invoices posted, but are starting to get some emailed and some posted with statements emailed. I find it extremely frustrating. Some end up in junk folders as spam, some just have a person's name as the sender not...